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Imperial / Double Stout

SGT. Nightvision

Word op de hoogte gesteld

We think we will have a next batch of this beer 26 oktober 2021, but it can be before or after that date. Laat je e-mail achter en we zullen je op de hoogte houden zodra we weer voorraad hebben

Bier specs

Black, even more black than my ex girlfriends heart
Maris Otter Pale malt, Cara, Chocolate, Roast and Peated malt
Simcoe, Challenger & East Kent Golding
French oak aged with a peaty twist to it
Bier specs

Imperial / Double Stout
*Bleep*…*Bloop* “Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Over”
ABC me all you want, but I can’t see a thing, it’s so dark! Of course you can’t see a thing! You need to strap on your goggles. They are military grade night vision goggles my friend! This owlsome imperial / double stout is french oak aged with a peaty twist to it. If you are a fan of heavy dark stouts, than you’ll love this absolute banger. Dark as hell, but tasty as heaven. Sgt. Nightvision commands you to store this brilliant imperial stout dark and cool, and drink it whenever you want. Drinking it while wearing goggles works best.