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Mmmmmm Hop

5,6%, Westcoast Pale Ale

Mosaic Moustache

7%, West Coast IPA

Put on a hoppy face...

9%, Double IPA

Chico Chico IPA - Beer Bastards Collab

5,7%, IPA

Hops Of Hazzard Boss Hogg Edition

16%, Ice Distilled NEIIPA

My Life Span #5

7,5%, NEIPA

Trackdown Passion Fruit

5,2%, Juicy Pale Ale, with Passion Fruit

Mr. Green

11%, Triple IPA

Owl Bundy

8,2%, NEIIPA

Dr. Raptors Laboratory Vol.1

9,2%, Orange & Coconut Milk Stout

Dr. Raptors Laboratory Vol.2

10,3%, Quadrupel & Strong ale blend

Ciel Bleu

5,3%, Wild Peach, Lime, Lemongrass & Ginger NEIPA

Mind Your Step Marshmallow

14,5%, Vanilla Marshmallow Imperial Stout

You Get An IPA! And You Get An IPA! Aaaahhhhhh! Everybody's getting an IPA!!

7,8%, NEIIPA


6%, Watermelon White Beer

Willamette Wolverine

9,6%, Triple IPA


5,3%, West Coast IPA

Willamette Wookie

9,5%, Tripe Dry-Hopped New England Double IPA

Uilskuikentje Mandarin Edition

4,3%, Lente bier / Mandarijn Edition

Three Little Owls

9,1%, Double IPA with Cannabis

The H-Team

6,8%, West Coast IPA