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A Tribute Called Quest

5,8%, IPA

Commisaris Rex

8.5%, German Style Doppelsticke

Kinda-Dry-Jan Webshop Deal 1.1

Kinda-Dry-Jan Box

Tweed Tweet

8.5%, Strong Ale

Brewersjuice, Brewersjuice, Brewersjuice

6.8%, NEIPA

Colliding Scientists - Mad Scientist Collab

7,2%, Fresh Hop Double IPA

Crime De Cassis

7,5%, Brut Cassis IPA

Some Nelson Before Christmas

8,0%, Single Hop Double IPA

Killer Brew


Uiltje x De Molen Hop & Drop

8.5%, India Export Porter

The Hallucinating Hops From Haarlem

12%, Quadrupel IPA with Absinthe

My Life Span #7

7,5%, NEIPA

I'll Be Black

8,4%, Black Double IPA

Ciel Bleu Barleywine

8,0%, Tutti Frutti Barelywine


8,2%, Double NEIPA
Simcoe & Wakatu Uiltje Brewing Company

Simcoe & Wakatu

7,8%, Double IPA

Life's Like A Bock Of Chocolates

6,5%, Bock

Talusmanian Devil

5,4%, Belgian IPA
Uiltje - Fred & Willamette - Blik

Fred & Willamette

6.2%, Stone Age IPA

Revenge of the Hoplin

6,5%, Cold IPA

Feeling Hoot Hoot Hoot - 'T Taphuys

5,2%, NEIPA with Orange, Yuzu & Bergamot