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5.8%, All beers IPA
Uil Pale Ale

Uil Pale Ale

6.2%, UPA - Uil Pale Ale
Fancy Shorts Session Brut IPA

Fancy Shorts

4.8%, Session Brut IPA

Big 5 - Beekse Bergen Giftpack



7.2%, Hazy IPA

Knuffel - Roadburn Festival

6,4%, Roadburn Festival Collab

The Doc's Medicine - Dr. Peacock Collab

5.0%, NEIPA

Azacca From Athens

6.5%, Single Hop NEIPA

A Tribute Called Quest

5,8%, IPA

El Sa-Sabro Familia

8.0%, Single Hop NEIIPA

Commisaris Rex

8.5%, German Style Doppelsticke

Columbus Colosseum

7.3%, Single hop Blonde IPA

Dr. Raptor Oak Aged

9.3%, Imperial IPA with Oak Chips

Temple of Talus

7.5%, Brut IPA

TRUNK SALE - Webshop Deal

TRUNK SALE - Webshop Deal

IDH 7 Indianapolis

8.0%, Single Hop, Double IPA

Tweed Tweet

8.5%, Strong Ale

Brewersjuice, Brewersjuice, Brewersjuice

6.8%, NEIPA


5,8%, IPA

Colliding Scientists - Mad Scientist Collab

7,2%, Fresh Hop Double IPA

Crime De Cassis

7,5%, Brut Cassis IPA