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Loyalty Rewarded: Uiltje Unveils €0,10 Non-Crypto Currency

We’ve always worked hard to give our fans what they want. But besides damn good beer, these days every serious hophead seems to want… crypto currency. But come on folks, we’re beer brewers not coding cowboys. What the hell do we know about crypto, anyway?

Fortunately, we found a way to meet our fans halfway on this. Introducing Uiltje Coins! So okay, they’re not bitcoins. Heck, they’re not even crypto. But they are worth €0,10 a pop and we’re giving them away for free with every €1 you spend at our Uiltje website. The more beer you buy the more Uiltje Coins you earn and the more beer – and cool merch – you can buy the next time you visit our webshop. You can HODL them, but you can’t trade them. Like all great things in life, you just get them. Free coins from hop heaven.

And remember this: bitcoin is more fickle than Fancy Pants. And NFT valuations can be crueler than Boss Hogg. But our Uiltje Coins hold their value forever. Who needs to be a gazillionaire when all you really need are a few loyal friends and some ballsy beer?

Uiltje Coin