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Uiltje Beer Subscription

Having a box full of delicious beers delivered to your home every time, who wouldn’t want that!? Whether you are a real hop-head or just want to be surprised, Uiltje offers something for everyone.

The choice is yours. Do you want to receive an awesome package full of all kinds of Uiltje beers at the end of every month? Or have the freshest beers delivered straight from the tank within 72 hours every other week?

Not quite sure which subscription is right for you? Then take a quick look at the comparison table below!

The Uiltje beer subscription

The idea behind the Uiltje beer subscription is simple: make sure that your fridge is full every month with all kinds of delicious fresh Uiltje beers. With this subscription you will receive a package with 14 beers once a month. These are hoppy beers from our core range as well as one-off beers that we brew especially for the Fresh and Fast subscription and dark beers such as porters and stouts (only in the mixed subscription). Every now and then there are also nice extras in the package. Think of a nice glass to drink the beer from, something delicious to go alongside the drinks or a real Uiltje beer notebook.

The Uiltje Fresh & Fast subscription

With this unique beer subscription you will receive 12 beers that literally just come out of the tanks once every two weeks. The beers are delivered to your home within 72 hours after filling! These are one-off beers that we brew especially for the Fresh and Fast subscription. To make sure you don’t miss one of these, we came up with a subscription form. In any case, expect hop-forward beer styles such as IPAs, pale ales and New England IPAs. This subscription is also perfect for sharing, for example with friends, family or colleagues at work.

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Uiltje Beer Subscription

Uiltje Beer Subscription

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