A box full of Owls

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Various craft beers, juicy NEIPAs, fruity IPAs en strong stouts. Nothing is too crazy.

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In this pack:

Don’t Lick The Lamppost
1x Don’t Lick The Lamppost All beers, IPA Per unit: 5,29
Herr Oakmeister Von Dunkelweizen
1x Herr Oakmeister Von Dunkelweizen Oaked Dunkelweizen Per unit: 3,30
Too Cool To Go Skinny Dipa
1x Too Cool To Go Skinny Dipa DIPA Per unit: 5,40
Juicy Lucy
1x Juicy Lucy All beers, NEIPA Per unit: 2,99
Frostbite Fuel
1x Frostbite Fuel Coffee & Maple Milk Stout Per unit: 3,90
If you’re gonna be dumb, you better be though
1x If you’re gonna be dumb, you better be though Barleywine For Banditos Per unit: 3,99
Mosaic Mammoth
1x Mosaic Mammoth NEIIPA Per unit: 5,39
Hug a Bro
1x Hug a Bro Imperial IPA Per unit: 5,79
Guide to Tea Drinking Etiquette
1x Guide to Tea Drinking Etiquette Earl Grey NWIPA Per unit: 5,49
Apfelstrudel Doppelbock
1x Apfelstrudel Doppelbock Double Bock Per unit: 3,75
Uiltje Blond
1x Uiltje Blond Blond Per unit: 2,79
1x Superb-Owl 0,2% IPA Per unit: 2,69
Lychee, Lychee, 5 dollar
1x Lychee, Lychee, 5 dollar Juicy IPA Per unit: 5,39
Macaron monsoon
1x Macaron monsoon Salted Caramel Imperial Weizen Per unit: 2,55
CC: Cyberspace
1x CC: Cyberspace All beers, Stout & Porter Per unit: 3,89

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