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Birds, Bees, Owls & Trees
New England IPA
Let me tell ya ’bout the birds and the...
€ 5.19
€ 5.19
We only have pieces left in stock
Off To A Fresh Start
Westcoast Double IPA
New Year, New You. It’s raining resolutions out there,...
€ 5.19
€ 5.19
We only have pieces left in stock
Rye of Fire - Repeat Audio Collab
Triple IPA
Rye is a beautiful thing, toasted it brings a...
Tribe of the Tomahawk
West Coast IPA
For the latest episode of our Back in Time...
Sorry we are temporarily out of stock Get notified if Tribe of the Tomahawk is back in stock
Hoppy Hieroglyphs
Black IPA
For our newest ‘Back in time’ beer we set...
Sorry we are temporarily out of stock Get notified if Hoppy Hieroglyphs is back in stock
Talus' Trojan Horse
Belgian Double IPA
For this episode of our ‘Back in time’ series...
€ 5.19
We only have pieces left in stock
Fersken Vikings
Fruited NEIPA
For this new ‘Go Back In Time’ beer series...
Sorry we are temporarily out of stock Get notified if Fersken Vikings is back in stock
Goths of the Falconers Fashion Week
There are plenty of fashionable IPAs out there, this...
Zythos Skaterboy
IPA - Single hop blend
Good for a heavy grind that has your bros...
Sorry we are temporarily out of stock Get notified if Zythos Skaterboy is back in stock
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Beer archive

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As forerunners in the hop revolution, we have been spreading the gospel of fresh beer for years. Simply put, the fresher you drink our hoppy beers, the better they taste. That is why we are constantly looking for ways to get them to you as fresh as possible. One of these includes our Fresh and Fast programme. Start a subscription and receive these beers as they come off the packaging line, once every two weeks!

Taste the flavours of Uiltje Fresh and Fast

Our Fresh and Fast beers taste as we intended them to – with all the hoppiness and fruitiness we put into it. However, this flavour only remains optimal for a few weeks. After that, the hop flavours begin to change. The taste can also deteriorate under the influence of heat and light. This is why we package all our Fresh and Fast beers in cans, which acts like a magical shield against ageing. You’ll find many different beer styles on our Fresh and Fast page, but they are always beers that are characterised by large amounts of hops. Think of IPAs and it’s many sub-categories: New England IPAs, East Coast IPAs, West Coast IPAs and even Black IPAs. We brew a new unique beer every two weeks, specially for the Fresh and Fast programme. Let yourself be surprised!

Buying Uiltje Fresh and Fast packs

By this point hopefully you can’t wait to crack open one of our Fresh and Fast cans. But how do you get your hands on them? Well, by ordering a Fresh and Fast subscription! All of the deliveries consist of 12 fresh surprises; you decide how often you’d like to receive them. Do you think 12 cans is a little too much? Then you can of course also share them with another Uiltje fan. If you prefer to order individual cans, check out our fresh beer page.

Looking for something besides Fresh and Fast?

Would you like to discover even more delicious beers in addition to our Fresh and Fast beers? Then our webshop offers more than enough choice! Would you like to discover all our hoppy beers? Then take a look at our core range. After all this hoppiness, are you in the mood for something totally different? Then try our stouts, porters and other dark beers.

Why buy Fresh and Fast from Uiltje?

When you order your Fresh and Fast pack, we send you the beer as soon as it has been canned. It can’t get any fresher! If you’d like some personal advice on the subscription you’d like to take out, then please contact us!