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You can buy the tastiest New England IPAs, or NEIPAs for short, here online at Uiltje.

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As enthusiastic hop heads, we have fully devoted ourselves to this recently emerged beer style, and have consequently brewed a great assortment of them. But whichever NEIPA you choose, this hoppy beer tastes best when it’s ultra fresh. Thus order your NEIPA directly from the brewer. Then you know for sure the beer has taken the shortest route to your fridge. It couldn’t be fresher!

Order fruity and easy-drinking New England IPA’s online

New England IPA is a relatively young beer style, which you can read about on our dedicated NEIPA page. In short, this beer is characterized by both its cloudiness and fruity flavours, and it can be seen as an accessible easy-drinking version of the well-known IPA. The beer is brewed with specific yeast strains as well as loads of dry hopping. It is truly a beer style that makes our hop-loving hearts beat faster! This is why we’re increasingly brewing New England IPAs, and not without success. Our ultra hoppy, drinkable NEIPAs are flying out of the brewery and have also quickly secured a place in our core range.

Discover the NEIPAs of Uiltje Brewing

We now make several New England IPAs at Uiltje. For example take Mosaic Mammoth, a stunner of a double New England IPA that we have stuffed with Mosaic hops, where the motto ‘bigger is better’ comes to mind. Or My Life Span is, which has become a regular in our range due to its great success. In addition, we frequently brew other experimental NEIPAs, such as Springfield S-Bomb, Deadperle and Ciel Bleu. All these beers sell fast and must be enjoyed fresh. Do you see them in our webshop? Then do yourself a favour and order quickly!

Wanting to look beyond NEIPA beers?

Would you like to discover more great speciality beers in addition to our NEIPAs? Then feel free to take a wonder through our webshop. Are fruity and hoppy beers your favourite? Then check out our sessions IPAs and fruity beers. Are you looking for something completely different? Then our barrel-aged beers and stouts and porters are definitely worth a try. Basically, try and discover your favourite!

Why buy NEIPA beers online from Uiltje Brewing?

Buying NEIPA beers online from Uiltje ensures that your beer is delivered directly from the brewery to your home. This way you can always enjoy the freshest beer. This really enhances the taste of a hoppy beer like a NEIPA (read more about the importance of fresh beer). And who can tell you more about our beautiful beers than ourselves? Please take the time to read our extensive product descriptions and make your choice. Are you looking for some human contact? Feel free to ask one of your fellow beer lovers at Uiltje for advice!