Tops Off Beer Game

Tops Off Beer Game

In case you were wondering after reading the title whether this game involves taking your clothes off during the game, be assured (or maybe not) that this isn’t the case. Tops off is a great beer game that, a little like beer pong, simply requires beer, loads of beer caps and a fellow beer drinker.

Beer caps everywhere

Funnily enough this game was first introduced to me the first time that I went to the Uiltje brewery. A couple of our regular drinkers (and ultimate Uiltje fans), Mark and Cees, were playing this odd looking game with our brewers, and I must say it looks easier than it is. So how do you play? Well make sure you have two chairs, lots of beer bottles and loads of beer caps! The chairs need to be legs extended distance apart and both players need to have an open beer bottle balanced in their laps with a beer cap placed utop upside down.

The aim of the game? As kindly outlined by Mark “Once a player knocks his opponent’s cap off the bottle then the opponent must drink 1/3 of his beer.  But before that happens he gets a ‘revenge shot’. If he misses then he drinks his 1/3 of a beer.  But if he hits with his revenge shot then the other person has to drink 2/3 of beer.  But again before he drinks he also gets a revenge shot – he misses he drinks 2/3 but if he hits then the opponent has to drink a full bottle.  This continues until someone misses.” The person who doesn’t drink in the round wins 1 point. First person to receive 3 points wins the game. If you want to make it more challenging then you can also make it into a competition – Mark and his friends have an annual championship which has taken place all over the world. They even have a golden belt which the winner gets to keep until the following year!

If you’re still self isolating, then don’t fear, you can also play the game online! A little like our beertual pong version, you can play this game from the confines of your home. You’ll need your laptop/phone and instead of aiming at an opponent you’ll need to aim for the bottle and the cap at a distance of 2m away.

Uiltje accompaniment

So we’ve got the rules but which Uiltje beer is best to play with? As we’ve established, we need bottles for this game. So how about our bottled semi-core range Me Myself & IPA, our narcissistic IPA? At 7% you’re sure to have fun playing tops off with this beer. If you need to remain on the cautious, sensible side of things, then perhaps go for our FF lekker met je bek in het zonnetje, a session IPA at 3,6% which is very easy drinking and perfect if you’re thinking of playing the game outside in the sun. Both beers are a part of our extended core range so whilst they may not be as frequently available as our cores, they are nevertheless often available. An added bonus is that these two are available in the supermarkets, which makes it even easier to get your hands on!