Shower Beer anyone?

Shower Beer anyone?

Following the success of our blog on Pantsdrunk, the Finnish drinking habit of drinking beer in your underwear, we thought we’d do another fun beer blog to enjoy during these self isolating times. So behold a blog dedicated to shower beers. Just to be clear, we’re talking about taking a beer into your shower, and not recreating what happened in our brewery when things got a little bit too exciting when we dry hopped our beer way back in October!

Shower + beer = pure bliss?

I must admit that before I started researching shower beers, I thought the whole thing was simply for a laugh however it soon became apparent that there is a little bit of a cult behind shower beers, with even some accessories being sold for the perfect shower beer experience – shower beer cup holder anyone? Some craft brewers (particularly in the US) have also brewed dedicated shower beers which I think only goes to show the belief that they have in the benefits that a shower beer brings. The shower beer is meant to ensure that as you step into the shower and crack open a cold beer, you’re supposed to relax and leave all your problems behind. It’s especially recommended after a long tiring day at work or even after a workout. Whilst doing my research, it became clear that there is also a widespread agreement that a shower beer is great for boosting both productivity and creativity. Why is this? Well, having a shower beer leads to a release of dopamine which in turn encourages creativity. It’s also been shown to help alleviate stress – the perfect remedy for these uncertain times right? Another benefit of the shower beer is that the humidity and the heat will change our taste perceptions, thus changing the way we taste beer as the flavours are intensified. So whilst this may not necessarily mean a beer will taste better, hopefully it means we are able to appreciate it more than we would out of the shower. I must say the more I read about shower beers, the more I am convinced that this phenomenon isn’t for nothing.

Uiltje shower beer pairing

So you step into the shower and which Uiltje beer should you have? Well for safety reasons, it might be wise to select a can over a bottle…wouldn’t want to accidentally drop it and have glass pieces all over the shower! It’s recommended that you have a hot shower and a chilled beer, so perhaps best to stick to a fresh IPA. Well in this case I think I’d go for our flagship IPA, the Bird of Prey. A 5,8% straight up IPA it’s best to enjoy it as fresh as possible. This 5.8% IPA is best to enjoy as fresh as possible. If you’ve had the Bird of Prey before and want something a little different, yet equally fresh? Then how about our Piewee the pineapple weizen? Very drinkable at 5%, the Piewee is usually very popular on the beer terraces, however I think it could also work well as the much needed shower beer with its refreshing pineapple twist. Both of these are a part of our core range so you’ve got the added bonus that we brew them very regularly (- the Bird of Prey especially! -) and as such you should be able to get your hands on them whenever it’s needed for that beer shower!