(Extended) Core Range

The Core Range selection of Uiltje Brewing

Welcome to our core range, where beers are celebrated as superheroes. Yes, these are the Uiltje franchise’s famous faces. These beers are The Chosen Ones, if you’ll permit us to get all religious on you for a sec. They are the cans you’re likely to find in shops from Amsterdam and Los Angeles to Tokyo and Berlin. These are the ones that’ll always be there for you when you need them. Because, unlike our seasonal beers, Fresh & Fast releases and other so called one-offs, our core range is brewed year round! Can we get a hallelujah!? Let’s take a second to get to know them, shall we? Lees verder

Uiltje Blond
An Old-World ale rebooted with New Skool cool. We...
€ 2.59
€ 2.59
We only have pieces left in stock
Bird of Prey 4-pack
Superhero IPA 4-pack
Your favorite IPA, now available in a 4-pack....
€ 9.95
€ 9.95
We only have pieces left in stock
Bird Of Prey
Superhero IPA
A fruity, super hoppy IPA...
€ 2.69
We only have pieces left in stock
Dr. Raptor
Double IPA
An enchanting Double IPA...
€ 3.49
We only have pieces left in stock
A New England IPA full of extraordinary fruity flavors...
€ 2.59
We only have pieces left in stock
0,2% IPA
A refreshingly low-alcohol, low-calorie IPA....
€ 2.25
We only have pieces left in stock
Prima Donna
Limoncello Blonde
A classy Limoncello Blonde...
€ 2.39
We only have pieces left in stock

Our superheroes

Beer as superheroes? Yes sirree. Take Bird of Prey, a Clark Kent of a beer. Likeable, accessible, hoppy golden-haired pretty boy IPA. Then there’s Dr. Raptor, an evil genius of an IPA with imperial ambitions. Dr. Raptor is anti-hero, Bird of Prey’s nemesis, a bit of Lex Luther a**hole if we do say so ourselves. Then there’s Prima Donna, our lemon-haired Lois Lane who has some show and some go, if you know what we mean. Compare her to Trackdown, a military grade IPA. With Trackdown we jump off the DC Comics’ train and enter Bond territory. Trackdown is our Q, a juicy IPA rebooted for 21st century sensibilities. And don’t forget Fancy Pants, a bubbly party-going A-personality brut IPA. A bit flashy, a bit naughty, early John Travolta working the disco floor. And how can you not like Q? (or John Travolta for that matter?) And finally we’ve got Piewee, not Herman. Half Baby Yoda, half Scooby Doo. You’ve got to be in the mood for this pineapple freak of a superhero, we admit, but when facing the evil of a hot summer day there is no better friend. The last member of the core range is our all new Superb-Owl, a non alcoholic IPA. It’s not the size of the bird in the fight that matters, but the size of the fight in the bird. And this lil’ owl’s has got some serious fight!

Something for everyone?

So there you go, our core range of superheroes stripped down and pumped up. A little bit of something for everyone. Lots of Indian Pale Ales – be they imperial (Dr. Raptor), brut (Fancy Pants), juicy (Trackdown), or non alcoholic (Superb-Owl)– complemented by a couple of soft-spoken outliers in the form of a weizen and a fruity blond. They are our Uiltje posterchildren and we’ve spent countless hours across many years tweaking these hop heroes to perfection. They are tested by time and, on a good day, celebrated by the beer-sipping masses. They are the light of our lives, the be-all of all beers. Look at them for guidance and inspiration. Call them when you’re in trouble. Sip them for the good of mankind.