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You can order the tastiest non-alcoholic speciality beer online here.

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0,2% IPA
A refreshingly low-alcohol, low-calorie IPA....
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Non-alcoholic beer is becoming increasingly popular, and here at Uiltje we acknowledge that sometimes it is good to consume less alcohol and calories. This is why we have been brooding for a long time on a low-alcohol alternative that still meets our high standards. And the results are in, and if we may say so ourselves; our low-alcohol can compete with our beers with alcohol in terms of taste and mouthfeel. Try it now!

The story of alcohol free beer

Non-alcoholic or low-alcohol beer is beer containing little or no alcohol. Officially non-alcoholic beer may only be called so if it contains no more than 0.1% alcohol. In many other countries, beer with up to 0,5% alcohol may still be called alcohol-free. Hence, the terms are sometimes used interchangeably. Not surprisingly, non-alcoholic beer is healthier than regular beer. This is because it contains both less alcohol and fewer calories. So it’s also good for the waistline! For a long time though, non-alcoholic beer wasn’t anything like regular beer in terms of taste. It was too sweet, or too flat, or well…just missing something. However, recently there have been more and more ways to give non-alcoholic beer that taste and kick of a real beer. As a result, alcohol-free lager is on the rise, and nowadays there are also more and more alcohol-free speciality beer options too. Think of non-alcoholic wheat beer, non-alcoholic bock beer, and non-alcoholic IPA beer.

Discover Superb-Owl, the first alcohol-free beer from Uiltje

Given our love of hops, it should come as no surprise that our first non-alcoholic beer is an IPA. Our Superb-Owl is a sporty, super-hoppy powerhouse with only 0,2% alcohol. The beer has quickly become a public favourite and has now conquered a place in our permanent range. In addition to this alcohol-free IPA, you’ll be pleased to hear we’re working on various other non-alcoholic beers. So be sure to keep an eye on this page!

Looking for something else besides alcohol-free beer?

Would you like to discover other delicious beers besides alcohol-free beer? Then take a look at our webshop. Are you looking for lighter beers with lower ABVs? Then try our lovely thirst-quenching session IPAs. Are you ready for a little more alcohol after a low-alcohol period? Then be sure to check out our heavier beers!

Why order alcohol-free beer from Uiltje?

The alcohol-free beer from Uiltje has the rich flavours of real beer. Like many of our other beers, we stuff our alcohol-free IPA with the best hops. As the flavours of hops begin to deteriorate quite quickly, it is consequently important to drink this beer as fresh as possible. You will certainly be able to do so if you order it here. Your alcohol-free beer is sent as soon as it rolls off the packaging line, making no unnecessary stops in shops or wholesalers. So order your non-alcoholic beer here, and taste as it is meant to be!