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Are you looking for beer with little alcohol but an extreme amount of flavour? Then you have landed on the right page! Here you will find the most delicious slightly alcoholic beers. These beers are chock-a-block full of beautiful hops as well as other interesting ingredients, while the amount of alcohol remains limited. This way, you can enjoy it endlessly all the while staying nice and fresh. Try our low alcohol beers now!

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Wild Berry Berliner Weisse
What makes our Berliner Weisse so lecker? The berries,...
€ 2.99
€ 2.99
We only have pieces left in stock
Ff Lekker Met Je Bek In Het Zonnetje
Sessionable Pale Ale
A Sessionable Pale Ale to enjoy in the sunshine...
€ 2.69
We only have pieces left in stock
Be Bop A Re Bop Rhubarb Sour
Rhubarb Berliner Weisse
This beer is us getting all rhubarbarian on y’all!...
Mooie B'uil
Hoppy Blond
Special edition: Mooie Boules 10th anniversary with Motueka, ekuanot,...
Sorry we are temporarily out of stock Get notified if Mooie B'uil is back in stock

What is lower alcohol beer?

Though sometimes referred to as light beers, in this instance we’re referring to the amount of alcohol rather than the colour of the beer. These are beers with a lower alcohol percentage than your moderate beer. However, they are not alcohol-free. In principle, any beer with a low alcohol percentage can therefore fall into this category, but in practice they are often fresher and hoppy beers such as IPAs, weizens and sours; dark beers with little alcohol are rare. In terms of flavours, light beers can be fruity and bitter, as well as yeasty or sour. The advantage of light or low alcohol beers is that you can drink more of them without immediately getting lost. Therefore, these beers are ideal for a drinking session on a beautiful summer’s day.

Discover the lower-alcohol beers from Uiltje

Uiltje’s light beers are low in alcohol, but big in flavours. Take our FF Lekker Met Je Bek in het Zonnetje for example. This immensely popular session IPA has that quintessential hoppy fruitiness we love, yet an ABV of only 3,6%. It is not without reason that FF Lekker… has conquered a place in our permanent range. But there’s more. For example, we also make various low-alcohol sour beers and regularly brew lower-alcohol one-off beers too. So make sure to keep an eye on this page!

Looking for something else besides lower-alcohol beer?

Would you like to try some other delicious beers? Then there are plenty of other lovely beers waiting for you in our webshop. Are you ready to try some beers without alcohol after trying these lower-alcohol beers? Then check out our alcohol-free beers. Or are you now ready for some of the stronger stuff? Then check out our stronger beers.

Why order lower-alcohol beers from Uiltje?

Many of our lower-alcohol beers taste best when fresh. When you order them here, they go straight from the brewery into your fridge. It doesn’t get any fresher! Another nice thing about online shopping is that you can make your choice at your leisure. Immerse yourself in our beers, make a choice and order! If you would like some personal advice, please feel free to contact us!