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Sour beers are new, wild and exciting, so they fit perfectly with our groundbreaking way of brewing beer. Sour beers have flavours that you wouldn’t usually taste in beer, while typical bitter tastes associated with beer remain somewhat in the background. As a result, they are loved by both seasoned beer connoisseurs and newbies who are just getting into the world of speciality beer. Order quickly and discover it for yourself!

Discover different kinds of sour beer

Sour beers, or simply sours for short, have a typical slightly tart taste that is created by allowing wild bacteria and yeast to do their thing. It is an age-old way of brewing beer, which has recently been revived as it is becoming increasingly easier to control this process. In fact, any beer style can be transformed into a sour version, but there are also typical sour beer styles. The best known are saisons, Berliner weisses and goses. A saison is light and often brewed with local ingredients, while the Berliner Weisse is characterised by its champagne-like dryness. The gose combines the typical sharp taste of wild yeasts with herbs and sea salt. Taste and discover your favourite!

Discover the sour beers from Uiltje Brewing

At Uiltje we brew various sour beers with an original twist. For instance, take our Once Upon a Time in…beers. For this series we travel virtually to places that inspire us to brew unique sour ales. For example, Once Upon a Time in Madagascar, is a fresh sour that we have brewed with vanilla, whilst the Japanese version is a Berliner Weisse that we have stuffed with yuzu and elderflower. We keep expanding this series, and also regularly brew other unique sours. So keep an eye on this page!

Want to discover more than sour beer?

Would you like to discover more delicious beers in addition to our sour beers? Then take a quick look in our webshop. For example, would you like to discover even more light beers? Then click through our session IPAs or weizens. Would you like to explore the other end of the beer spectrum? Then try our sweet beers!

Why buy your sour beers from Uiltje Brewing?

Ordering sour beer from Uiltje means that you buy directly from the source. We can tell you all about the beautiful beers we brew and send them directly to you. So take your time to read our extensive product descriptions and make your choice. Would you like personal advice? Then please do not hesitate to contact us!