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Do you like beer with a lot of alcohol and with well well balanced flavours? Then look no further! On this page you will find our great strong beers. These beers are distinguished by their rich, intense aromas and special ingredients. Order now and taste our strong beers for yourself.

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Woody Two Shoes
Oaked Strong Ale
Clogs off! No more goody two shoe brews for...
€ 2.89
€ 2.89
We only have pieces left in stock
Naughty or Nice
Two Haze Brut IPA
This hopster mobster is an Uiltje Christmas legacy, the...
€ 18.50
€ 18.50
We only have pieces left in stock
Pomme Pressure
Black Barley Wine Calvados BA
This toffee boozy black bombshell is a throwback to...
€ 5.75
€ 5.75
We only have pieces left in stock
Joost mag het weten
Triple IPA
An extremely full body with hoppy aromas....
€ 4.09
We only have pieces left in stock
El Patron
North West Double IPA
A ruthless northwest double IPA...
€ 5.19
We only have pieces left in stock
Apfelstrudel Doppelbock
Double Bock
A double bock beer with an Apfelstrudel base...
€ 3.75
We only have pieces left in stock
Dr. Raptor
Double IPA
An enchanting Double IPA...
€ 3.49
We only have pieces left in stock
F*ck De Kerstboom Staat In De Fik!
Orange & Coffee Oatmeal Stout
As we do every year around this time, we...
€ 3.95
We only have pieces left in stock
Rye of Fire - Repeat Audio Collab
Triple IPA
Rye is a beautiful thing, toasted it brings a...
Brut IPA
This ruthless 75cl Brut of an IPA combines our...
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Beer archive

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Types of strong beer: from strong blonde beers to strong dark beer

Strong beer is beer with more alcohol than average. You can refer to a strong beer when it has an alcohol percentage of 8%, but this can go up to no less than 15%! Any beer with a high alcohol content can therefore be a strong beer, although the ABVs of strong blonde beer (and the heavier IPA varieties) are often slightly lower than those of heavy dark beers such as porters, stouts and bock beers. Stronger beers often have very intense aromas. Add to that the rich alcohol content, and you get wonderfully warming brews to enjoy in peace.

Discover the strong beers of Uiltje

At Uiltje we brew various unique strong beers. Under the motto bigger is better, we go for more flavour, more alcohol and more crazy ingredients. A good example of this approach is our Mind Your Step series: a range of Imperial IPAs with flavours of coffee, pretzel, caramel, vanilla and marshmallow. It may sound crazy, but damn, it works! The alcohol percentages of these beers tick the 15% box, so let the name be a warning. Are you looking for heavy beers with the hoppiness that we are known for at Uiltje? Then meet our tough guys like El Patron and Dr. Raptor! In addition to well-known names, you will regularly find experimental new additions to our strong beer range on this page.

Looking for something besides strong beers?

Would you like to discover even more great beers? Then our webshop has a lot more to offer. Have you been captivated by all those complex flavours and aromas? Then be sure to try our barrel-aged beers. Or are you ready for a little less or even no alcohol after all those strong beers? Then check out our lighter and alcohol-free beers.

Why buy strong beers from Uiltje?

If you buy strong beers from Uiltje, you buy directly from the source. This especially benefits the flavours of heavy hoppy beers, as they taste best when fresh. Another bonus of online shopping is that you have plenty of time to discover our beautiful beers. All the information you need is simply on our site, with no pushy salesman in sight. So make a choice and order! Do you still want personal advice? Please do not hesitate to contact us!