What’s in the new Core Range?

Blog- Uiltje Core Range

We’ve always thought that you can tell a lot about a brewery from it’s core range. As far as we’re concerned; Boring core range equals boring brewery. A core range should show off the best of a brewery. That’s why we’ve jam-packed our core range with some of the beers that we’re most proud of; some old faves, and some new faces. But hey! You know us right?! We’ve thrown a couple of curveballs in there for you. So without further ado, meet our core range for 2020!

The new guys

Fancy Pants: Remember last summer when everyone went bananas for Brut IPAs for like 10 minutes and then forgot about them?! We, on the other hand, stuck with it, we got real good at them and now we’re happy to introduce Fancy Pants to the regular line up! Pilsner malt and rice, some magic enzymes, fresh Ekuanot and Hallertau Blanc hops. The result is a bone-dry easy-drinker with miles and miles of stone fruit, white wine, and melon. Mega.

Prima Donna: Who doesn’t love Limoncello?! Who doesn’t love Blonde Ales? Nobody, that’s who. Easy Peasy. We didn’t really bust any brain cells coming up with this one… This is a blonde ale with a zesty twist. Heaps of lemon peel in the whirlpool, loads of Lemondrop hops, and a fresh kick of lemon at the end make for a slightly tart, easy-going chugger of a beer. Think Lemon-Meringue pie, but wet.

Piewee The Pineapple Weizen: So this one’s kind of a new guy, It’s our classic Pineapple Weizen but with a bit of an update. Picture this: You’re on a beach, it’s sunny, you get a little thirsty, you look over to see a frosty glass of something refreshing. What is it? It’s Piewee The Pineapple Weizen, Obviously (was it not clear that’s where we were going with that?!). All the spicy, yeasty goodness of a Weizen with a tropical hit of pineapple. Yum.

The veterans

Bird Of Prey: Who makes the best IPA in the Netherlands? We do! Is it this one? It is! Of course we’re not going to take this one out of the core range. This is our absolute favourite. We know this one like the back of our hand! Mountains of Amarillo, Mosaic, and Citra hops go into this one to give us a big old explosion of peach, pineapple, and grapefruit. If you haven’t had this one yet, you must’ve been living under The Rock (yes, you’ve been living under a wrestler).

Dr Raptor: Our original hop-bomb. Styled around the monstrously bitter IPAs the West Coast churned out. This beer has a super strong malt backbone with notes of toffee, caramel, and biscuit. But even that can’t hold back the deluge of bitingly bitter hops and waves of fresh hop aroma. We won’t list the hop varieties we use in this one, because there are too many (and this thing has a word count).

Trackdown: This time last year, we were super pleased to announce Trackdown’s arrival into our core range. One year later, it’s become a real crowd pleaser! Still packed with heaps and heaps of hops, this juicy pale ale is a little gentler on the taste buds: Giving mouth-watering juiciness, instead of killer bitterness. Kilos upon kilos of mega fresh Amarillo and Mosaic go in at the end of fermentation to work their magic, leaving us with a slightly hazy, juice-filled, best buddy of a beer. Take some to a BBQ, everyone will love you.