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What kind of beer lover are you? Is beer all about alcohol for you? Or in your case, is enjoying our beer all about the experience of discovering new tastes and smell? If you fall into the latter category, then there is a new trend that is probably totally up your street – alcohol free beer! Many breweries have one. Yup, Uiltje does now too. Have you already tasted our brand new Superb-Owl?

Uiltje's alcohol free beer

Non-Alcoholic: the new trend

Conscious consumption is the new trend and beer lovers today have more and more reasons to now and again skip alcohol. So what do you do? Well, it’s simple: you take a non-alcoholic beer. Recently, the choices in the alcohol free sector have exploded. Why is this? Well, this is due to the fact that there have been enormous developments in the technology to brew (almost) alcohol free beer.
But there is also a second reason: and that is due to you, the beer lover. That period when ‘the consumer’ only loved deliciously clear lagers sits further still in the past. Now in 2021, he (or she) wants to be pleasantly surprised: making these discoveries through both taste and smell. Of all the beers that are currently sold, one in fourteen is already non-alcoholic. We can assume that this number will continue to grow – we seriously predict by one or five fold.

Technological Developments in alcohol free beer

There are two ways in which to make alcohol free beer. You can either brew the beer as usual and then remove the alcohol at a later stage. Or, you can brew the beer with flavours but with virtually no alcohol. For the first approach, you need technological installations, and as you can perhaps understand: that is going to cost the big bucks. This method is thus only employed by the very large breweries. For the second method, you can use specially developed yeast strains, which you can buy online for just a few euros. Every home brewer who works in a hygienic manner, is able to produce a beer with very little alcohol but that also is pleasant to drink. Of course, we could not miss out on this!

Alcohol-free ≠ alcohol-free

If you have ventured into the world of non-alcoholic beer, you should know by now that there can be some confusion on the lingo used. This is due to the different definitions used in legislation both at home and in surrounding countries, as well as, due to the fact that in Europe, everything you make, you can trade freely. In Belgium and Germany, the legislators accept that beers that contain no more than 0,5% alcohol can be called “alcohol-free”. Meanwhile, back on our (Dutch) side of the border, a beer must contain a maximum of 0,1% alcohol, if you want to declare that it is “alcohol-free”. Interestingly, your body does not differentiate that marginal difference of 0,4% alcohol. Every doctor will also tell you that 0,5% of alcohol has no effect on your body.


In the near future, every independent brewery that takes itself seriously is expected to include an alcohol-free beer in its core range. You can already find ours in the core range: have you already tasted the Superb-Owl? It is also great for those who know nothing about American Football. Low alcohol, full impact. Perfect for those who want to pause their alcohol consumption, but still want a great beer. Full of fresh, hoppy, fruity aromas; we haven’t held back with our Amarillo, Citra, Mosaic and Nelson Sauvin. Moreover, the Superb-Owl is also great for those watching their calorie intake: only 85 calories per can.

Find Alcohol-free beer in the Uiltje webshop

Has reading this page made you thirsty for an alcohol-free Uiltje? Then we have exactly what you are looking for! The Superb-Owl sits in our core beer range, which means it is available all year round. Try it now at our alcohol free webshop page!