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Uiltje bar

Zijlstraat 18
2011 TN Haarlem
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Uiltje bar
2011 TN
Opening hours
The bar is opened 7 days a week
17:00 - 00:00
17:00 - 00:00
17:00 - 00:00
17:00 - 00:00
16:00 - 02:00
12:00 - 02:00
12:00 - 00:00

Top beers at this location

Hoppy Milk
Hoppy Milk

Prima Donna
Prima Donna

Did we set the bar high by calling her a Prima Donna? We sure did! but before you start judging her, get to know her a little better. Take her hand and walk for a little while trough the Italian landscape. Discover the italian Limoncello culture with some old belgian tradition in the mix. This blonde is not a traditional blonde. narcissistic as she is, she demanded to be called Limoncello Blonde. But to be honest, the demanding ‘first lady’ has a point. She reeks and tastes of Lemon, but she is still classy as she should be. At an easily drinkable 5.0% she’s not that punch in the face, if you don’t count the citrus-limoncello-whip.

Simcoe and Wakatu - Eruption of the Hoppy Hilltop
Simcoe and Wakatu - Eruption of the Hoppy Hilltop

Vraag een doodgewone burger wat S&W betekent en je komt waarschijnlijk op iets kinkys uit. Vraag het aan een Uiltje-fan en ze zullen hopelijk denken aan Simcoe en Wakatu hop. Maar vraag een stripgeek wat S&W betekent en ze zullen roepen ‘ik wil een geuze lambiek!’ Nee vrienden, deze IIPA is meer dan een ode aan België’s finest. Met 7,8% is het een banger brouwsel zonder enige moraliserende ondertoon. Gehopt voor volwassenen met een avontuurlijke geest.

Our Beer Bar

From our brewery & bottleshop to downtown Haarlem, where hidden amongst the city’s Golden Age brick interior, is our cool little Owly bar. We wanted to drink our Uiltjes closer to home and have a kick-ass spot for awesome takeovers and events by friended breweries. No sooner said than done. A bunch of us rolled up our sleeves and transformed 120 square meters of prime Haarlem real estate into the city’s first uncompromised craft beer bar with a constant carrousel of 30 craft beers on top and more than 120 bottles. We love this place, it’s our little beer mecca with beer chilled differently according type and origin. It’s not only Uiltje, but a sort of best Of we’ve discovered at beer festivals and through word of mouth.

Snacks In Our Beer Bar

For nibbles we offer more than 20 different cheeses! *Drool drool…. Plus pizza’s and the most mind blowing grilled cheese- and toasties you have ever tasted. And sure, we sell merch as well. The two picnic tables outside have become a neighborhood magnet, a place of casual interaction in one of the world’s great beer towns.

Tasting Deals In The Bar

Uiltje tasting: arrive in Uiltje Bar. Small introduction about who we are and what we do. Tasting four Uiltje beers and information about those beers. Bar nuts and water €14,50 P.P.

Craft beer tasting: arrive in Uiltje Bar. (if you go somewhere else we are probably not there!) Tasting of 4 different draft beers. Light to heavy, 4 different IPA’s or 4 Stout’s/Barley wine’s. All different combinations are possible. It’s really up to you. Short explanation about those 4 beers. Bar nuts and water €16,50 P.P.

Drinks, birthday or anything to celebrate: from 5 to 50 people, all reservations are possible. More than 50 people? Please contact us for the possibilities. Part of the Bar/Table specially reserved for you. No extra costs, billing or pay by card is possible.


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