Lab Series

You can find our unique, one-off beers here. At Uiltje we have a core range that makes every beer lover’s heart beat faster. So we could just sit back satisfied and enjoy our successes, but that’s not how the Owl works. We are constantly on the lookout for exciting new beers, giving free rein to our crazy ideas. Join the select group that can sample these groundbreaking creations. Order now!

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€ 3.79
We only have pieces left in stock
Be Bop A Re Bop Rhubarb Sour
Rhubarb Berliner Weisse
This beer is us getting all rhubarbarian on y’all!...
€ 3.59
€ 3.59
We only have pieces left in stock
Tonka Fever
Tonka Bean Imperial Porter
We secured a few tonka shavings from the Inca...
€ 6.49
We only have pieces left in stock
It’s Just Season in French
Spiked Saison
Saison – leave it to the French – excuse-moi,...
€ 2.99
€ 2.99
We only have pieces left in stock
In the heart of Amsterdam, restaurant the Ysbreeker is...
€ 3.19
We only have pieces left in stock
Pinky and the Grain
hibiscus IPA
We don’t say this often, but we believe our...
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Seashore Seesaw Salt & Sour
North Sea Peach Gose
Hold your seahorses!! Salt and Sour whaaaa???? The medieval...
Three letter word with a tea
Kombucha IPA
Looks like a hazy IPA, smells like a hazy...
I'm Blue Da-Ba-Pea
Butterfly Pea Brut IPA
Welcome to Chemistry 101, you little rascals. Today we’re...
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Smokey The Pear
Smoked Wheat Ale
James like peers, the bigger the better. James likes...
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Discover the exciting flavours of our one-off beers

Experimenting is in our blood here at Uiltje. You see this in our core range, where you’ll encounter, for example, a blonde beer with limoncello and a weizen with pineapple. But believe it or not; we go one step further with our one-off beers! It’s more, more, more: more hop varieties, more alcohol, and more extraordinary additions. Taste them yourself, if you dare!

With More From The Core, we twist, tweak, poke and play with our core beers and ultimately tweak them into something enticing and new. This is a dungeon where our brew masters refuse to even acknowledge the word ‘no’, much less respond to it.

Out of this funky laboratory came our Imperial Pineapple Weizenbock, not to mention our Fancypants Champaign Slushy. Yeah, those kinds of beers. And there’s more! A Bird of Prey grapefruit edition, a Dr. Raptor Oak Aged and a Trackdown Passionfruit Guava…need we go on? Over the years we’ve allowed ourselves to be inspired by milkshakes and taco stands, après ski parties and video games. Every great tech company has a garage story, they say. Well, Uiltje has a More From The Core story. This is our home where the buffalo roam and the deer and the antelope play, get it?

Check out the Lab Series beers from Uiltje

Not all our one-off beers are completely self-contained. We also make series. These series have more or less a fixed theme, within which we can go wild. Take My Life Span, a series in which we always play with the most beautiful hops. So these New England IPAs are for the real hop connoisseur! A further example is the Mind Your Step series. Under this name we release heavy imperial stouts with additions such as caramel, pretzel and marshmallow. There is also a smoked version. But you’d better be quick, as we brew these beers in limited quantities!

Looking beyond Lab Series beers?

Would you like to discover more beautiful beers in addition to our one-offs? Then look a little further in our webshop. If you’d like to know what you’re getting after all those surprising beers, then you can always fall back on our core range. Can’t get enough of our new beers? Then go to our Fresh and Fast page. For this unique programme we brew a new one-off beer every other week!

Why order our unique Lab Series beers online?

If you order your beer here online, rest assured we will be sending it directly to you. So no unnecessary stops in warehouses and shops. This is excellent news, especially if you order hoppier beers. These taste the very best super fresh. Another advantage of buying online is that you have plenty of time to immerse yourself in our innovative creations. So read all the information you need and make your choice.