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The Big Fat 5

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ABV is an abbreviation for “alcohol by volume,” or “alcohol content by volume. Made even easier: alcohol percentage!


IBU stands for International Bitterness Units.
5 – 20 = Little bitterness
20 – 30 = Slightly bitter
30 – 45 = Bitter
> 45 = Very bitter


EBC, or European Brewery Convention in full, is the measure of beer color
6-9 Pale / Light Pale
9-12 Blonde / Yellow
12-20 Gold
20-30 Amber
30-45 Copper
45-75 Dark Copper / Brown
75-120 ery dark brown (translucent)
>120 Black (not translucent)


Malt is the base of every beer. Malt is grain that has been germinated and then dried. We use many different types of malt to give body, color and flavor to the beer.


Aaahhh… hops. We love them! Hops are flowers used primarily as a bittering, flavouring, and stability agent in beer. In our beers most hops add floral and fruity flavours and aromas.

Cascade, Citra, Chinook, Simcoe, Amarillo

Cubic Centimetre. So how big is the packaging?

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Dutch Beer Challenge Bronze 2015
Dutch Beer Challenge Gold 2015 t/m 2019
Dutch Beer Challenge Gold 2015 t/m 2019 2
Dutch Beer Challenge 2022 Silver Medal

Originally brewed for the 5 year anniversary of Beer Temple, Amsterdam. This amazing craft beer is an American North-West double IPA. The Big Fat 5 is one of our stronger IPA based beers. The number 5 in Big Fat 5, is not only because of the Beer Temple’s birthday, it’s also because of the 5 different hops that are used to brew this beer.

Cascade Hops, Citra Hops, Chinook Hops, Simcoe Hops and Amarillo Hops are used to make this stunningly strong double IPA. Every single one of these hops are of paramount quality which you can easily spot when drinking the Big Fat 5. All these great ingredients combined and sealed with an ABV percentage of 8%, makes this beer beautiful in so many ways.

Because of the blinding beauty of this beer, others may be on the prowl for this brew as well. Don’t trust anyone near it and best drink it when it’s still fresh and present. If you do want to wait a little longer, make sure you hide it in a cool and dark place where no one shall find it!