Color Your Can

Color Your Can is back! Have you ever dreamed that your Uiltje label ends up on a can and is actually being sold? Then this is your chance! Participate and receive eternal fame and enter Mount Owlympus (no open bar)!

What is Color Your Can?

Bigger than the Champions League, bigger than the Olympic Games. Color Your Can is the competition where fans get the chance to immortalize their own design on a can. The best 16 designs are selected and compete against each other in a knockout race on Instagram until a winner emerges. The winning label will be festively revealed after filling. The winner may bring three guests.

How can I participate?

Do you want to join? Super awesome! Download the blank Color your can label 2023 here and let your creativity run wild. You can work with pens, quills, pencils or brushes in the classic way, but you can also submit digital designs made with Photoshop. The choice is yours.

 The deadline is April 15th 23:59! No problem. We regularly send a reminder through social media.

Optimistische Uil

What do we look for in the selecction?

The strict yet fair jury takes all serious entries seriously and judges them against the following criteria.


First of all, we look at the originality of your entry. How creative and unique is your entry? Did you give it your own twist? NB: it is certainly not mandatory to submit a comic drawing. The sky’s the limit. Did you create a cool pattern or an abstract or hyper-realistic piece of art? Awesome! As long as it has something to do with Uiltje, it’s fine. And what does Uilte stand for? You can determine that yourself in this one. We just like to see how you see us.


The party pooper is the law book. We check whether your submission can cause us problems. So realize that your label will actually be produced and go on sale if you win. Therefore, be careful with designs and subjects that may contain certain rights and limits and designs that could possibly be attractive towards children. You can think of subjects such as fairy tales, children’s artists, toys, etc. This can lead to a fine for us. In addition, there are some conditions that you must agree to when you submit a design to us. Read more about the conditions here.

Uiltje- Geeky Uil


It is an open door, but labels with inappropriate content will not be accepted and appreciated. You can go wild, but subjects with a sexual, violent or perverse nature go straight into the round archive (aka the trash). Be sassy but keep it classy.


Politics are sensitive and we always try to stay away from that at Uiltje. So be careful with sensitive political subjects. Uiltje is for everyone and everyone should be able to laugh about it or enjoy it.


What do you have to hand in anyway?

– A design (duh.)

– A name for the beer

– It must be an IPA

– Agree to some legal terms which you can read here.

How do I submit my label?

You can send your label to You will receive a confirmation once we have saved it.

We can’t wait for your entry. In 2021 we were amazed by the creativity of the Uiltje community and we hope you want to join. If you have any questions, please let us know at .

Last edtion’s label entries: