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ABV is an abbreviation for “alcohol by volume,” or “alcohol content by volume. Made even easier: alcohol percentage!


IBU stands for International Bitterness Units.
5 – 20 = Little bitterness
20 – 30 = Slightly bitter
30 – 45 = Bitter
> 45 = Very bitter


EBC, or European Brewery Convention in full, is the measure of beer color
6-9 Pale / Light Pale
9-12 Blonde / Yellow
12-20 Gold
20-30 Amber
30-45 Copper
45-75 Dark Copper / Brown
75-120 ery dark brown (translucent)
>120 Black (not translucent)


Malt is the base of every beer. Malt is grain that has been germinated and then dried. We use many different types of malt to give body, color and flavor to the beer.

Best Pale Malt

Aaahhh… hops. We love them! Hops are flowers used primarily as a bittering, flavouring, and stability agent in beer. In our beers most hops add floral and fruity flavours and aromas.

Ekuanot, HBC 568, NZ Blend, Nelson Sauvin

Cubic Centimetre. So how big is the packaging?

Beer Specs

It’s no secret that few things excite us owls more than color-coded skin-tight spandex suits. Evil witches, wizards, combat monsters – we live ‘em! So we combined our super powers and brewed this Super Sentai Double IPA. Pacifica. A giant robot of a beer that packs a hoppy punch. Our gift to you.