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I’m often asked which of our beers are the most popular as well as which are our best sellers, and as such I thought a blog on the subject could be both fun and insightful. Whilst it was difficult to get the exact data, after consulting my fellow colleagues and from my own personal experience speaking to customers, the following is what I could determine.

The Firm Favourite

Let’s begin with the firm favourite… the much loved Bird of Prey! Perhaps not surprisingly it is our number one best selling beer. One of the first beers to be brewed by our founder Rob, Bird of Prey remains to be a favourite amongst both our staff and the wider public, winning the Best Dutch IPA award last year. A straight up IPA brewed with American hops with a well balanced bitterness, there’s almost always a fermentor in the brewery filled with it in order to keep up with the constant demand for it.

In Second Place

Another firm favourite is one of our newer beers, Trackdown. Released just over a year ago, it is now our second best selling beer and a part of our core beer range. A real juicy pale ale with an ABV of 5,2% means that it is a great IPA that you can enjoy plenty of without getting too tickled too quickly. We have even put it in casks for our Uiltje bar, where you can sit back, relax and enjoy proper pints of the stuff!

Other classics

Some of our other best selling and popular beers include the Dikke Lul 3 Bier (I’ll leave the non-Dutchies to figure it out what it means), an extraordinary hoppy pale ale whose name always creates plenty of bemusement. One mustn’t forget the notorious El Patron, a North West double IPA, always particularly popular amongst Uiltje’s hardcore fans. These two are not brewed as regularly as our core range but they are a part of our ‘frequently brewed’ range. From my own experience of having to restock  the bottleshop, when we do have either of them they quickly disappear off the shelves.

The dark stuff

How about our darker, stronger beers? Well those of you who have been enjoying our beers over the last couple of years should by now be familiar with our Mind the Step series. Rob got the inspiration for the name from Schiphol airport where the travelators constantly warn you, you guessed it, to ‘mind your step’. The perfect name for strong beers that may lead you to need to ‘mind your step’. We’ve released a number of different editions, which have included maple syrup, coffee and even stroopwafels to name a few.

Fresh & Fast

Other firm favourites include the beers that we release through our Fresh&Fast series, which are released every second Thursday. The purpose of the Fresh&Fast scheme is to allow subscribers to receive a box of 12 beers on their doorstep as quickly as possible after packaging, allowing them to enjoy the beers as fresh as can be! Whilst this is only available throughout the Netherlands at the moment, it is nevertheless proving to be a big hit.

The above is just a glimpse into some of the most popular beers that we produce and whilst there wasn’t enough word space to mention all the other favourites (sorry Dr Raptor!), I hope it has still proven to be an interesting insight. Curious to try the afore mentioned beers? Then check out our webshop and (depending on availability!) have them delivered to your doorstep!