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Sour Power / Rainbow Series

Sour Power is our sour beer range. Here we shamelessly seek out the herbs and spices that put a bit of pucker on your punky little face. We’ve made these beers laughably easy to like. Because each beer has its own unique story related to a specific region of the world and the flavors these regions celebrate. Read more

The beers

Recent beers from this series

Crime De Cassis

7,5%, Brut Cassis IPA
Uiltje- Once Upon A Time In Madagascar- Blik

Once Upon A Time In Madagascar

3,5%, Vanilla Sour

For Once Upon A Time in Japan, for example, we blended yuzu and elderflower. For Once Upon A time in Florida, we combined Amarillo and Tettnanger to create a weisse every bit as blue as the hairdos of Florida retirees. And don’t get us started on Once upon a Time… in Madagascar (vanilla sour)… in Madrid (Mandarin sour) and … in Scotland (Whisky sour). Sour Power is our playground to dive into a local culture, to stir up local color and pull out crazy weird tastes out of our magic hat. It’s our own private fantasyland explicitly designed to produce sour beers with a capital ‘S’. Drink the beer fresh, but save the cans for future generations. You know, like some people do expensive watches. That’s how seriously we take our sours.