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At Uiltje you can buy the tastiest sweet beers online.

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Apfelstrudel Doppelbock
Double Bock
A double bock beer with an Apfelstrudel base...
€ 3.75
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Biertuin Weizen
De Biertuin Weizen is a collab with our good...
€ 3.65
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Prima Donna
Limoncello Blonde
A classy Limoncello Blonde...
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Isn’t sweetness a flavour that you associate with beer? Well, you do have a point. But this is precisely why we find this category so interesting! Sweet beer brings out a completely different side to the drink that we all love so much. Not a seasoned beer lover yet? Then sweet beers are an accessible way to explore the wonderful world of craft beer. Try our variety of sweet beers and discover your favourite!

Order different kinds of sweet beer

Understanding sweet beers isn’t exactly rocket science. It’s simple, all beers with a sweet taste fall into this category. From blonde beer to weizens and bock beers to stouts; almost any beer beer style can be transformed into a sweet beer with small adjustments. We experiment a lot with this, as sweet notes can give a beer a completely different character. Of course a sweet beer from Uiltje is never just sweet. We ensure that it always has that typical beer taste and we enjoy mixing several flavours together. So whilst our sweet beers are often more easy-drinking than sour or bitter beers, they are just as subtle and rich in flavours. Taste them yourself!

Order sweet beers from Uiltje Brewing

A good example of a not-only-just-sweet beer is our Prima Donna Blonde. This blonde beer is sweet, but also refreshingly sour thanks to the addition of limoncello. It has become so successful that it has gained a place in our core range. In addition to this light beer, we also brew deliciously sweet dark beers, including an imperial stout with marshmallows and a bock beer inspired by apple strudel. Not exactly normal, but great in taste!

Looking for something other than sweet beer?

Would you like to discover other delicious beers? Then take a look at our webshop. If you really like sweet beer, then perhaps fruity beer might be something for you too. If you are looking for something completely different, then our sour beers and bitter beers are definitely worth a try!

Why order sweet beers from Uiltje Brewing?

It is easiest to order sweet beers directly online from Uiltje. We deliver your beer directly from the brewery to you, and we can tell you everything about our beer. After all, we brewed it ourselves. Read our product descriptions and make your choice without being pressured by a store employee. Are you looking for that personal touch? Please do not hesitate to contact us for advice!