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Would you like to have a guarantee that you’ll receive fresh and unique beers? Then a beer subscription from Uiltje is the solution for you!

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UB: Uiltje Beer Subscription
The concept is simple. Subscribers receive a box of...
€ 45.00
45,00 per delivery
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Fresh & Fast Beer Subscription
Do you want to receive the freshest beer in...
€ 50.00
€ 50.00 per delivery
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Uiltje is the pioneer in the field of fresh beer and beer subscriptions in the Netherlands. Join now and receive our best new beers once every two weeks!

The special beer subscription from Uiltje

The idea behind our unique speciality beer subscription is simple: allowing you to experience how delicious fresh beer is – especially beers that owe their taste to large quantities of hops. These are best up to a few weeks after filling. Every week we brew several of these hop-forward beers. To ensure you don’t miss out on any of these, we came up with a subscription model. With this beer subscription, you will receive 12 beers that have literally just come off the canning line once every two weeks. These are both hoppy beers from our core range and one-off beers that we brew especially for the Fresh and Fast subscription. In any case, expect hop-forward beer styles such as IPAs, pale ales and New England IPAs.

Why take out a special beer subscription with Uiltje?

If you search for a specialty beer subscription on Google, you won’t be surprised to see that we are not the only ones offering beer though a subscription service. The big difference is that other companies buy the beer from different breweries, then make packs from these and send them through to you. This takes time and as such the beers are never going to be ultra fresh. Our subscription on the other hand is entirely focused on freshness: the beers almost quite literally go from our canning line to your fridge. This way you can taste and enjoy the beer as it should be. Try it yourself or give someone a beer subscription as a gift!