Always fresh and tasty IPAs with our IPA beer subscription!

Do you want fresh IPAs at your fingertips at all times? Try our IPA beer subscription programme! With our subscription model, you will be supplied with 12 fresh and exciting IPAs every two weeks. This means you never have to miss any of our exclusive new releases, and can enjoy the real, unspoiled taste of IPA beer anytime you like. Join now!

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Enjoy the taste of fresh IPA beer

Have you ever tasted a real fresh IPA beer? If you ever have, you probably agree with us that it’s the best taste in the world! IPA beer owes its magnificent taste to large amounts of hops. Unfortunately, this wonderful taste only lasts for a few weeks. After that, it slowly starts degrading. That’s why we came up with our revolutionary IPA beer subscription model, also known as the Fresh and Fast programme. Every two weeks, we deliver the crispest IPAs to your doorstep, so you can enjoy these beers like they were meant to be. The boxes may include some of the hugely popular IPAs from our core range, as well as one-offs that we brew especially for our Fresh and Fast members – it all depends on our brewing schedule for that given week. Either way, you never have to miss any of our newest and most exclusive IPAs!

Why opt for an IPA subscription at Uiltje?

If you look for an IPA subscription on Google, you’ll probably see other parties offering beer and IPA subscriptions. The big difference with our model is that most of those companies buy their beers from breweries, pack them in beer boxes, and ultimately send them over to you. This all takes precious time, which means the beers are never going to be super duper fresh. Our Fresh and Fast IPA subscription, on the other hand, is all about freshness. Almost as soon as they come rolling from the canning line, we pack your beers and ship them to your fridge. This allows you to enjoy the unique taste of a fresh IPA. If you think 12 beers is a bit too much for you, you can also share your subscription with a beer-loving friend. Of course, you can also give an IPA subscription as a gift to a fellow beer geek!

Discover our other great beers

Are you still in doubt about our subscription model? Don’t worry! We also sell our IPA beers separately and in IPA beer boxes. This allows you to get a taste of what you’re signing up for. Do you want to try some of our other great beers, besides IPAs? Our online beer shop’s got you covered. Want more of the hoppy goodness? Try our pale ales and New England IPAs. Up for something completely different? Give our rich and complex barrel aged beers and other dark beers a go!