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Off To A Fresh Start
Westcoast Double IPA
New Year, New You. It’s raining resolutions out there,...
€ 5.19
€ 5.19
We only have pieces left in stock
Joost mag het weten
Triple IPA
An extremely full body with hoppy aromas....
€ 4.09
We only have pieces left in stock
El Patron
North West Double IPA
A ruthless northwest double IPA...
€ 5.19
We only have pieces left in stock
Bird of Prey 4-pack
Superhero IPA 4-pack
Your favorite IPA, now available in a 4-pack....
€ 9.95
€ 9.95
We only have pieces left in stock
Bird Of Prey
Superhero IPA
A fruity, super hoppy IPA...
€ 2.69
We only have pieces left in stock
Dr. Raptor
Double IPA
An enchanting Double IPA...
€ 3.49
We only have pieces left in stock
The Big Fat 5
Double IPA
Originally brewed for the 5 year anniversary of Beer...
€ 2.99
We only have pieces left in stock
Brut IPA
This ruthless 75cl Brut of an IPA combines our...
Sorry we are temporarily out of stock Get notified if Goodfeathers is back in stock
Tribe of the Tomahawk
West Coast IPA
For the latest episode of our Back in Time...
Sorry we are temporarily out of stock Get notified if Tribe of the Tomahawk is back in stock
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Beer archive

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Welcome to the online world of hoppy beer!

Welcome to the place where you can order beer online! The fresh juices we brew is not just beer. It’s the kind of fresh beer that can really satisfy your everlasting longing for superior quality beer made with the best, and most funky ingredients our planet has to offer. The hoppy beers we produce have outstandingly rich flavors and enchanting hop aromas that will make your mouth watery from desire. Uiltje Brewing Company is pleased to announce that this untamable thirst for hoppy beer can now be satisfied! Now you can order beer online, made by the Uiltje quality standard that you expect, and we strive to uphold every single day!

Order beer online, anyplace, anytime!

There are, of course, those Friday and Saturday nights, when all you want is to go out with your friends and have yourself a couple of good, fresh beers. Only to regret the amount of beers consumed the day after. If you are not looking forward to the dreadful day that comes after, why not stay at home? Just order beer online and have it delivered to your very own doorstep. Drinking fresh, hoppy beer has never before been so easy and accessible. Simply navigate your way through our various menu and order your beer by the click of a button! We make sure that it’s delivered right where you want us to, no matter the country! The only thing you need to do is make sure you get those bad boys in the fridge, and prepare to be enthralled by the rich flavors of our hoppy beers!

Do you want to be amazed by our hoppy beer?

Every person has his or her own preferences when it comes to a nice, quality brew. Some like pine-infused, extra dark chocolate-flavored porters, and others are just looking for light and smooth, fresh and fruity IPA. It doesn’t matter what your preferences are, for we offer a fair amount of exquisite ales, brewed in all kinds of different styles! Besides ordering beer online, you can also purchase our survival kits, merchandise and other goodies. These are ideal for people that are not familiar with our hoppy beer yet, and it’s also the perfect gift for beer lovers! And if that’s not enough, we have also created the fresh & fast service for everyone that wants to drink our beers as fresh as they come!

Have a look around in our online beer shop and let yourself be coaxed into the online world of hoppy beer! We call it Howlywood!