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Whooo Let the Dog Out!
Uiltje x BrewDog Collab
WHOOO Let the Dog Out is an outspoken and...
€ 4.85
€ 4.85
We only have pieces left in stock
The Algorithm pt.2
Ba imperial stout Armagnac brandy
When we released Part 1 of The Algorithm in...
€ 6.99
€ 6.99
We only have pieces left in stock
Dikke Lul 3 Bier!
Extraordinary Hoppy Pale Ale
An extraordinary hoppy Pale Ale...
€ 2.89
We only have pieces left in stock
The Force of the Emperor - De Molen x Uiltje EP. II
Ice Distilled Barrel Aged Imperial Stout
Deze collaboration brew met de Molen is de opvolger...
Hazy IPA
Feeling misadventurous, Jonguh? You bet you are. So we...
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Nike reissues retro sneakers, musicians reissue iconic albums – so we thought, why shouldn’t we reissue some of our coolest beers, too? No sooner said than done. Those who know us also know that we tend to brew one-off beers at a frenzied pace. Yes, we’re a hyperactive bunch.

Over the years a lot of those limited-edition beers have sold out laughably quickly – so quickly in fact that only our most ardent fans (or casual beer geeks who just happened to be paying close attention to our website) were able to sweep in and drink them down. Well, lucky birds, with Blast From The Past we are offering you redemption to sip icons like SGT. Nightvision and Oh Buurman Wat Doet U Nu (Oh neighbor, what are you up to?). Think of it as a sort of Last Chance University, but for beer. Every once in a while we resurrect an Old Skool classic and upgrade it with a new label. But please pay attention this time around. Because like the originals we brew our classic originals in small batches, so chances are still pretty big that they sell before you even know they are there. If they do, we are so sorry, but really you have only yourself to blame.