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In this pack:

Pinky and the Grain
3x Pinky and the Grain hibiscus IPA Per unit: 3,35
I’m Blue Da-Ba-Pea
3x I’m Blue Da-Ba-Pea Butterfly Pea Brut IPA Per unit: 3,29
Three letter word with a tea
3x Three letter word with a tea Kombucha IPA Per unit: 3,45
Flippity Hop Flop
2x Flippity Hop Flop NEIPA Per unit: 5,55
Motueka Mohitos
2x Motueka Mohitos New Zealand IPA Per unit: 5,55
Have You Ever Been Yellow?
2x Have You Ever Been Yellow? neiipa Per unit: 5,35
Seashore Seesaw Salt & Sour
2x Seashore Seesaw Salt & Sour North Sea Peach Gose Per unit: 3,19

We humans are gathering animals, hoarding even. If we didn’t have thumbs, we wouldn’t be much different from squirrels. Football cards, nail polish, screws and bolts, plush toys, stones, and if you’re from the House of Orange-Nassau, houses and vacation villas. It’s the natural order of things. Therefore, for all our collectors: a beer pack with nothing but specials featuring Fresh & Fast, Archive, and Lab Series beers.

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