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Strictly Specials

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In this pack:

Have You Ever Been Yellow?
1x Have You Ever Been Yellow? neiipa Per unit: 4,99
The Algorithm pt.2
1x The Algorithm pt.2 Ba imperial stout Armagnac brandy Per unit: 6,99
Headless Hopsman
1x Headless Hopsman Fresh Hop IPA Per unit: 5,39
Lychee, Lychee, 5 dollar
2x Lychee, Lychee, 5 dollar Juicy IPA Per unit: 5,39
CC: Cyberspace
2x CC: Cyberspace All beers, Stout & Porter Per unit: 3,89
Macaron monsoon
2x Macaron monsoon Salted Caramel Imperial Weizen Per unit: 3,39
Greatgranny’s Cosy Coffee Cocktail
2x Greatgranny’s Cosy Coffee Cocktail Doppelbock Per unit: 3,79
Be Bop A Re Bop Rhubarb Sour
2x Be Bop A Re Bop Rhubarb Sour Rhubarb Berliner Weisse Per unit: 3,39
Guide to Tea Drinking Etiquette
2x Guide to Tea Drinking Etiquette Earl Grey NWIPA Per unit: 5,49

We humans are gathering animals, hoarding even. If we didn’t have thumbs, we wouldn’t be much different from squirrels. Football cards, nail polish, screws and bolts, plush toys, stones, and if you’re from the House of Orange-Nassau, houses and vacation villas. It’s the natural order of things. Therefore, for all our collectors: a beer pack with nothing but specials featuring Fresh & Fast, Archive, and Lab Series beers.

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