Brewers Box - Ep. 2 Mattia's Misfit

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In this pack:

6x Jonguh! Hazy IPA Per unit: 4,89
Jonguh Sunglasses
1x Jonguh Sunglasses Per unit: 5,00

Jonguh is a little bit of a misfit. And we love misfits at Uiltje. “This is not your regular Joe IPA,” says Mattia, our head of quality, aka mr. Hoppy Guy. “This beer is unique because we have chosen a European hop variety as our main hop. Usually we play with American (Mosaic red.) of New-Zealand (Nelson Sauvin) hops, but this time we chose Elixir” Elixir is a hop variety from the Alsace region in France.  This particular hop is multidimensional and contains flavors of oranges to tobacco. We went for the citrusy side.

Long story short, Mattia loves this misfit of an IPA. So this week in the brewers box: 6 cans of Jonguh! with discount and an awesome Jonguh! sunglass!

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