Craft Beer Survival Kit (6x330ml cans)

The Official Craft Beer Survival Kit No sir, it’s not always easy navigating today’s confusing beer landscape. India Pale Ales, American Pale Ales, Strong ales, Gruit ales, Brown, Black and Amber ales, porters, weizenbocks, imperial and double stouts w.t.f. are you talking about?! Het Uiltje Brewing Co. Survival Kit is here to help.

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6 x 330
Bier Specificaties

Think of our curated box of beer as your secret handshake into the craft beer fraternity. A beacon to hoppier times. A collection of our very best beers. As we continue to try new things and explore new brews, the beers in this box will change, too. You should know that sipping all six beers won’t transform you into a beer geek overnight, but it will certainly help you fake it. Het Uiltje Brewing Co. Survival Kit, because it sucks being lost in the woods. Proost!The survival kit is filled with some seriously crafty beer. While we’re not one for rules, here are a few tips on how to treat the six bad boys. The general rule of thumb is: the hoppier the beer, the faster you should drink it. Hoppy beers don’t age well, so don’t be stingy – drink! Know what does age well? Barley wines and imperial stouts. You can drink high alcohol beer immediately or save it for your retirement party. Whatever beer you choose, store it in cold and dark places. A refrigerator works, so does a cellar. Definitely don’t stash it in a hot sunny corner next to the heater, because that’ll truly destroy your investment and totally screw up our carefully orchestrated beer. And while it goes without saying, we’ll say it anyway: we DO NOT use additives and preservatives. All our beers are unfiltered, unpasteurized and exactly how we like them to be. Our mission is to create awesome beer and have fun doing it! This box is the result of that. Enjoy the beersanity!

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