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Uiltje Bottle Shop

Zijlstraat 8
2011 TN Haarlem
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Uiltje Bottle Shop
2011 TN
Opening hours
Our shop is opened 6 days a week
12:00 - 20:00
12:00 - 20:00
12:00 - 20:00
12:00 - 20:00
12:00 - 20:00
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Top beers at this location

Comet As You Are
Comet As You Are

Traditional west coast IPA brewed with Comet, Aurora and Styrian Wolf

Happy Finish Tawny Port
Happy Finish Tawny Port

MAD SCIENTIST BARREL PROJECT Blended Barrel Aged Imperial Stout and Porter CELLAR MASTER NOTES In this bottle you can find the wonderful unity between our very first - but definitely not the last - Tawny Port Barrel aged imperial porter and a Cuban rum Barrel aged imperial peanut stout. We have filled one of our first casks in the brewery back in 2018 with the porter. It wasn't a quick finish as the taste needed almost 2 years to mature, but the vibrating duo of raisin and sour cherry will convince you, just like the tannic tones at the end of the sip, that patience is a virtue. It takes two to make a quarrel though; Cuban rum rounds the composition with notes of bitter chocolate and walnut. The results? Close your eyes and succumb to the temptation of our Cognac sour cherry bonbon...


Tequila and Jamaican Rum Double Barrel Aged Mead with coffee and cocoa beans The first Barrel Project Mead Scientist mead is finally here dear Ladies and Gentlemen. This one has been constantly changing and moving from barrel to barrel for a long time until now. We had no idea where this was going but we could not be happier with the end result. The most ridiculous moment of creation was when we found coffee beans in the barrel, which we had no idea how it got there. We knew about the cocoa beans, but the coffee just got there somehow without us noticing it. Oh well... The final result is the old school Hungarian Christmas candy in a non-carbonated mead!

Uiltje Coffee and Fresh Beer Bottle Shop

Haarlem’s craftiest beer by the bottle and can and the world’s fairest coffee by the cup surrounded by a handful of high-quality foodstuffs priced nicely for the masses. ‘Tis heaven!

Uiltje Coffee and Fresh Beer Bottle Shop is a curated café/shop that serves up only stuff we actually like to eat ourselves. Breakfast? Yep. Lunch? Yep. Coffee to drink and beer to take-away? Yep yep. Oh, and did we say we’ve got an assortment of big pink doughnuts? You heard it here first. See you soon!

Freelancers welcome

We gotta big *ss (sorry mom!) table for freelancers to work on. Check in, hang out and sip great coffee under the crafty smile of original Uiltje artwork by house artist Gurby. You can work all you want, as long as you remember to say hi.

Snack attack!

We’re like that cute neighborhood shop you saw in Paris a few years back with your first love. Stacked with foodie-food like vegan wraps, croissants, triple-chocolate cookies and cheeses. You know, the under-the-radar stuff food nuts like to munch on. You have a friend with an awesome new beer nut? Hook us up!

Kids & dogs welcome

We’re a kid-friendly establishment. You don’t even have to tie them up at the door. We even have an espresso machine for the kiddies in the corner. They play, you have a great day. Welcome to utopia. Everyone wins.

Bottle shop

And yes, we’re a bottle shop. We have blessed lives; we travel around the world scouting out the very best beer. The stuff we like – and by that we mean really like – we bring back to our shop by the handful. Hard-to-get beers, limited-edition beer, beer with stories that will make you laugh and cry. And naturally, sneak peaks of Uiltje beer brewed and canned just hours before

Damn good coffee

Moyee is a game-changer in coffee. Vrij Nederland, Trouw, the United Nations and other smart people in the know rank Moyee as one of the most innovative and sustainable coffee brands on the planet. We sell their singles, doubles and triple blends from Ethiopia, Kenya and god knows where else they get their black gold by both cup and bag.

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