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This bock is as this bock does...
€ 2.95
€ 2.95
We only have pieces left in stock
Uiltje- Dr. Raptor- Blik
Imperial IPA
An enchanting Imperial IPA...
€ 3.49
€ 3.49
We only have pieces left in stock
Double Bock
A double bock beer with an Apfelstrudel base...
€ 3.75
€ 3.75
We only have pieces left in stock
Uiltje- Fuck De Kerstboom Staat In De Fik- Blik
Orange & Coffee Oatmeal Stout
As we do every year around this time, we...
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Malty beers are dark, strong beers with these associated flavours. And if you know Uiltje, then you’ll know that we love to always go all the way. So don’t expect flat flavours, but intense aromas, higher ABVs and unorthodox ingredients. Order our malty beers and experience a bittersweet pleasure in your mouth!

Explore different kinds of malty beer varieties

You’ll find malt in all beers, however this does not mean that all beers are malty in flavour. The taste of malt is often overshadowed by hops and yeast. Beers in which malt predominates are generally sweeter rather than bitter. Due to the malted barley used, the beers often contain notes of nuts, caramel, toffee and of toast. The colour can range from dark brown to copper, and the alcoholic strengths can range from normal to high. At Uiltje, we tend to focus on the heavier malty beers. Try them yourself, if you dare.

Discover the malty beers from Uiltje Brewing

At Uiltje we brew several special malty beers. The best-known examples of this can be found in our Mind Your Step series. These imperial stouts are defined by the intense aromas of coffee, caramel and chocolate, and special ingredients such as marshmallow and pretzels. But no matter how delicious and sweet they may taste, with alcohol percentages of around 15%, you should be careful! In addition to the Mind Your Step series, we regularly brew other delicious malty beers. So keep an eye on this page to not miss out on anything!

Looking for something other than malty beer?

Looking for more delicious beers? Then have a look at our webshop. For instance, would you like to discover even more heavy beers with intense flavours? Then check out our barrel-aged beers. After all these heavy beers, would you rather something fresh and hoppy? Then have a look at our session IPA’s or our sour beers.

Why order malty beers from Uiltje?

If you order malty beers from Uiltje, then you’re buying it straight from the source. We’ll happily tell you everything about our lovely beers, and we’ll send them directly from the brewery to yours. Quietly read our extensive product descriptions and make a choice, without being pressured by a shop employee. Would you like some personal advice? Then please feel free to contact us!