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At Uiltje, we brew light, thirst-quenching IPAs, without compromising the taste or body of a ‘normal’ IPA. Take our session IPAs, for example. These beers contain all the hoppiness and fruitiness you expect from an IPA, at an ABV of only 3,6%. Perfect for hot summer days, or any other day you feel like it. But whatever you do, order them here and drink them fresh!

Enjoy the taste of light IPA beer

IPA beers are known for their hoppy fruitiness and bitterness. The ABV (alcohol by volume) of an IPA usually sits between 5% and 8%. Light IPAs are more or less the same, minus a certain amount of alcohol. This means they offer the same amount of enjoyment, minus the headache. Some people would say IPA beers with an ABV of 5% – comparable to a regular lager – can be considered ‘light beers’. Our definition of a light IPA beer, however, is beer with an ABV below 5%. For completely non-alcoholic IPAs, go to our alcohol-free IPA page.

Discover Uiltje’s sessionable IPA

Our most popular and always-in-stock light IPA is called FF Lekker Met Je Bek In Het Zonnetje. Google Translate will tell you this translates as “Just Relaxing With Your Mouth in the Sun”. So, as its name implies, FF Lekker… is a perfect beer to enjoy with your face in the sun, but it tastes great in other circumstances too. With an ABV of 3,6%, it certainly is a great beer for those longer drinking sessions with your friends. Try our light IPA now!

Discover our other great beers

Would you like to discover more great beers in addition to our light IPA beers? Our online beer shop has plenty more to offer! Are you a fan of fruity and hoppy beers? Try our pale ales and New England IPAs! Looking for other light beers to enjoy while staying fresh in the head? Check our sour beers and non-alcoholic beers. Or, if you’re ready to explore the other side of the specialty beer spectrum, you can have a go at our rich and complex barrel aged beers or other dark beers!

Why order light IPAs online at Uiltje?

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: hoppy beers like light IPAs should be enjoyed fresh. That’s why we do everything to deliver our beers to your doorstep in the freshest way possible. We pack our beers in cans to keep light and air outside, and if you’re lucky, we ship them straight from the canning line. Another bonus of shopping online at Uiltje, is that you have all the time in the world to discover our beautiful beers, without some pushy shop clerk watching your every move. Just browse through our great assortment and pick your favorite(s). Still in need of some personal advice? Don’t hesitate to contact your friends at Uiltje!