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Uiltje Blond
An Old-World ale rebooted with New Skool cool. We...
€ 2.59
€ 2.59
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Woody Two Shoes
Oaked Strong Ale
Clogs off! No more goody two shoe brews for...
€ 2.89
€ 2.89
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Prima Donna
Limoncello Blonde
A classy Limoncello Blonde...
€ 2.39
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Blonde beer is an extremely popular beer style, which we at Uiltje are very fond of too. But how do you brew a blonde beer that stands out from all those hundreds of beers that are already on the market? By giving it a crafty twist of course! Read on and taste for yourself!

From light and drinkable to heavy blonde beer

Blonde beer is an umbrella category that covers a wide variety of beers: from heavy blonde beers from Belgium, to lighter blonde or golden beers from the US and England. You can read about this extensively on our page about blonde beer. At Uiltje we mainly focus on the lighter and drinkable blonde and golden ales. But don’t be surprised if you come across heavy blonde beers and experimental versions of blonde beers in our webshop!

Discover the blonde beers from Uiltje Brewing

Our most famous blonde beer is the Prima Donna, and she even slipped into our core range. The name may be a little dramatic, but then again the Prima Donna isn’t a standard blonde. It is a dazzling beauty with limoncello and basil. With a fruity taste and a modest alcohol percentage of only 5%, the Prima Donna makes for a delicious drinkable beer for those beautiful summer days. In addition to this fixed regular in our range, we regularly brew other beautiful blonde beers with a typical Uiltje twist. So be sure to keep an eye on this page!

Looking beyond blonde beers?

Would you like to discover other delicious beers in addition to our blonde beers? Then take your time to take a stroll through our online shop. Are you looking for more fruity and drinkable beers? Then be sure to check out our fruity beers and session IPAs. Are you ready for something dark and/or heavy after your limoncello blonde? Then try our bock beers and barrel-aged beers. Order, try and find your favourite!

Why buy your blonde beers online from Uiltje Brewing?

Buying blonde beer online in our webshop means that you are buying it directly from the source. Therefore, your beer is not gathering dust in warehouses, wholesalers or shops, but is sent to you directly from the brewery. Also, as the brewers of all that deliciousness, we can tell you the most about the flavours, ingredients and details of our beer. Read our extensive product descriptions and make your choice without feeling pressured by impatient store employees. Would you rather have some personal advice? Then feel free to ask one of the beer connoisseurs from Uiltje!