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Are you looking for bitter beer? Then you have landed on the right page! At Uiltje we brew delicious hoppy, sometimes bitter beers.

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Two Haze Brut IPA
This hopster mobster is an Uiltje Christmas legacy, the...
€ 18.50
€ 18.50
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West Coast IPA
For the latest episode of our Back in Time...
€ 5.00
€ 5.00
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Black Barley Wine Calvados BA
This toffee boozy black bombshell is a throwback to...
€ 5.75
€ 5.75
We only have pieces left in stock
Hoppy Hieroglyph
Black IPA
For our newest ‘Back in time’ beer we set...
€ 5.19
We only have pieces left in stock
BA Imperial Stouts Texas Bourbon
Brace yourselves: this is Part 1 of The Algorithm...
€ 5.99
€ 5.99
We only have pieces left in stock
Double IPA
An enchanting Double IPA...
€ 3.49
We only have pieces left in stock
Talus Trojan Horse
Belgian Double IPA
For this episode of our ‘Back in time’ series...
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Extraordinary Hoppy Pale Ale
If we could rule the world, everyone would drink...
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Fersken Vikings
Fruited NEIPA
For this new ‘Go Back In Time’ beer series...
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Tonka Bean Imperial Porter
We secured a few tonka shavings from the Inca...
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Depending on the type of hops that we use, the bitterness of our beers can vary from subtle to kick in the face. But whichever you choose, these hoppy beers taste best when they are fresh. Order your bitter beers directly from the brewery, and taste them as they should be!

Discover different kinds of bitter beer styles

The bitterness in your beer almost always comes from hops. But although every traditional beer contains hops, not every beer is bitter. The bitterness depends entirely on the type of hops used and when they are added. Some hop varieties are used specifically to give beer a bitter taste, while other types are used to create a specific aroma. Beer styles that show off the bitter side of hops include IPAs and pale ales– coincidentally two of our favourite beers to brew. If you’d like to see for yourself whether a beer is bitter or not, you can look at the IBU (International Bitterness Units). Any beer with an IBU higher than 60 is classed as very bitter. Although we have several brews that fall into this category, we never create beers that taste only bitter. As real hop nerds, we always look for the perfect balance between bitterness and other flavours. You can taste the result of our hop studies here!

Discover the bitter beers from Uiltje Brewing

At Uiltje we brew various bitter beers. One of our most striking examples is our Dr. Raptor. This imperial IPA has an IBU of no less than 75, but still contains that typical fruitiness of hops. Add to that an alcohol percentage of 9,2%, and you know you have a dangerously delicious brew! Besides Dr. Raptor, we brew several bitter IPAs, pale ales, and other bitter beers. Taste them all!

Want to discover more besides bitter beer?

Would you like to try more delicious beers? Then feel free to have a wonder around our virtual beer shop. For instance, would you like to try even more hoppy beers? Then take a look at our fresh session IPAs. Would you like to try completely different beers? Then try our sour beers and sweet beers.

Why order bitter beer from Uiltje?

If you order bitter beer online from Uiltje, your order will be delivered directly from our brewery to your front door. This is a big advantage, as these hoppy beers taste best when they’re fresh. Another advantage of ordering online is that you have all the time; read our detailed descriptions and make your choice. Would you rather some personal advice? Please do not hesitate to contact us!