Rules of the Webshop Game

Every game has its rules – but the game of beer has more than most. One of the Big Rules comes from the Dutch Food Safety Authority. A new alcohol law in The Netherlands stipulates that discounts can never exceed 25% of the sales price (on alcoholic beverages). For most of our fans out there that’s not a problem, but we have noticed that there are a few Wile E. Coyotes in our Uiltje Universe who have made a professional sport out of combining all our little deals to create super deals. We applaud your fanaticism, but this new alcohol law brings an end to all that. Sorry.

So what discounts do we offer?

Just to be crystal clear, here are the ways you receive discounts on our website.

  • Combo deals, such Week Deal
  • Variable pricing, such as extra discounts for 6 packs and 12 packs
  • Uiltje Coins, where you receive €0.10 credit for every €1 spent
  • Discount coupons, like those provided to fans who contribute to our newsletter

We invite you to enjoy these discounts and coupons, but the new law states quite clearly that the total discount can never ever exceed 25% of total price. We invite all the Wile E. Coyotes to head over to the Dutch Food Safety Authority site NVWA for more info.

Uiltje- Speelse Uil

What does this new law mean, really?

It means we have to make a few changes to ensure that we always remain under this 25% discount threshold. So effective immediately, these are changes we have no choice but to make:

We know, it sucks, but it’s the law. And while we like to brew anarchic beer, we remain law-abiding citizens. It’s the price we pay to stay in business. That said, we are now in discussions with the Dutch Food Safety Authority to see how we can still have fun without breaking the law. So watch this space.

*This is due to the already given discount for bulk-prices that apply by default.