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WDD: Webshop-Deal-Deal

The concept is simple. Subscribers receive a box of beers every month. 7 different beers. Two of each. 14 beers in total. Some 330ml, some 440ml. Very special editions along with core beers. Carefully selected, Fresh as ever. Read more below!

€ 45.00 per delivery
We only have pieces left in stock

Inhoud pakket

Je kan in dit pakket onze meest verse bieren verwachten. Special Editions, Collaborations, Fresh & Fast en core bieren. Van alles wat, en uiteraard allemaal zo vers mogelijk! De kosten voor het pakket bedragen €45,-. Dat is inclusief verzendkosten (voor NL & BE) voor 14 bieren. Da’s niet gek, toch?! Dat dachten wij ook. Maar dat is nog niet alles!

Extra inhoud

Naast de bieren die je standaard geleverd krijgt, vind je zo nu en dan extra inhoud in je pakket zoals:

  • Exclusieve Guest Beers
  • Glaswerk
  • Hapjes of snacks voor bij de borrel
  • Foodpairing content

Automatic Payment

The payment of the subscription is automatic. Each month, the amount will be debited on the date you originally signed up for the subscription. For example, if you signed up for the subscription on January 14, the next collections will also occur around the 14th.

You are in control when it comes to starting/stopping/pausing/resuming the subscription. You can do this whenever you want in your personal account.


We will send the packages to you on Wednesday or Thursday, depending on the brewery’s filling schedule. This way we make sure the package is well filled with the finest, freshest beers.

Shipping always takes place on the last Wednesday/Thursday of the month. Then the package usually arrives the day after. So we will do everything within our power to deliver the package before the weekend! Perfect timing 🍻

Next delivery: 28/29 September

We will ship the first delivery on August 25/26. Order by September 27, 11:59 pm to be sure of this delivery.

The different types of packages:


Mixed Box

Do you drink pretty much every style? From stouts to Pale Ale and Barrel Aged to Sours. You can expect it all in this package! Of course, it’s Uiltje, so it will be mostly IPAs, but there are other styles in there too.


IPA & Pale Ale

Are you a real hop-head and do you prefer to drink only IPAs and Pale Ale’s? Then this is the package for you.


Do you want the best beers delivered to your office? We’re going to make that happen for you! Fill out the form below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.