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Superb-Owl Deal!

We're feeling generous; get three sixpacks of Superb-Owl, get the shirt for free!

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This week in this package deal:

18x Superb-Owl 0,2% IPA Packaging date: 18 June 2021 Per unit: 2,25
Superb-Owl T-shirt
1x Superb-Owl T-shirt Packaging date: Per unit: 17,50

Three six-packs… PLUS a free shirt! Sign me up!

It’s not the size of the bird in the fight that matters, but the size of the fight in the bird. And this lil’ owl’s has got some serious fight! You could even say we went all Tom Brady on the competition to create a 0.2% IPA that actually tastes like a grown-up IPA and not like some pee wee pilsner wannabe.

Superb-owl is a gamechanger, friends. A low-alcohol ale that delivers a superhero punch without the dizzy aftermath. Or, in proper American footballer terminology, no concussion protocol required! And at just 85 calories a can, Superb-owl is as much for linebackers as it is for laidbackers who like to watch linebackers slam into buff projectiles (strange folk, these fans).

A refreshingly low-alcohol, low-calorie IPA that’ll keep you punting all night long. So yeah, everyone’s a winner in our IPA universe. Store cold, drink fresh and holler hut hut hike!

This beer is not 0.0 or 0,0 beer and is therefore not an alcohol-free beer, but a low-alcohol beer.

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