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Kinda-Dry-Jan Box

Kinda-Dry-Jan Webshop Deal 1.1

Doing a little bit of Dry Jan, but not all the way? This is the box for you!

Museum piece

This beer is out of stock and won’t be brewed again (for a while). Looking for beers that are in stock, check ‘m out here!

Available beers

This week in this package deal:

6x Superb-Owl 0,2% IPA Packaging date: 1 November 2021 Per unit: 2,25
Temple of Talus
1x Temple of Talus Brut IPA Packaging date: 25 January 2022 Per unit: 0,00
Bird Of Prey
1x Bird Of Prey Superhero IPA Packaging date: 9 November 2021 Per unit: 2,69
1x Trackdown Juicy Pale Ale Packaging date: 4 November 2021 Per unit: 2,59
Fancy Pants
1x Fancy Pants Brut IPA Packaging date: 10 September 2021 Per unit: 2,89
Piewee the Pineapple Weizen
1x Piewee the Pineapple Weizen Pineapple Weizen Packaging date: 6 July 2021 Per unit: 2,39
Prima Donna
1x Prima Donna Limoncello Blonde Packaging date: 30 August 2021 Per unit: 2,39
Dikke Lul 3 Bier!
1x Dikke Lul 3 Bier! Extraordinary Hoppy Pale Ale Packaging date: 18 August 2021 Per unit: 2,69
El Patron
1x El Patron North West Double IPA Packaging date: 1 September 2021 Per unit: 5,19
Tweed Tweet
1x Tweed Tweet Strong Ale Packaging date: 31 December 2021 Per unit: 3,50
Kinda-Dry-Jan Webshop Deal 1.1
1x Kinda-Dry-Jan Webshop Deal 1.1 Kinda-Dry-Jan Box Packaging date: 23 December 2021 Per unit: 50,00
Life’s Like A Bock Of Chocolates
1x Life’s Like A Bock Of Chocolates Bock Packaging date: 20 September 2021 Per unit: 2,95
Bird of Prey – Grapefruit Edition
1x Bird of Prey – Grapefruit Edition Grapefruit IPA Packaging date: 20 December 2021 Per unit: 3,00
Brewersjuice, Brewersjuice, Brewersjuice
1x Brewersjuice, Brewersjuice, Brewersjuice NEIPA Packaging date: 28 December 2021 Per unit: 5,25
Imperial Pineapple Weizenbock
1x Imperial Pineapple Weizenbock Imperial Pineapple Weizenbock Packaging date: 7 December 2021 Per unit: 3,50
Crime De Cassis
1x Crime De Cassis Brut Cassis IPA Packaging date: 1 December 2021 Per unit: 5,45

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