There’s so much stress and pressure in the world, our role is to remind people to lighten up. What’s the point of working hard and earning cash if you can’t do those things with some swagger? Take big leaps, propose outrageous ideas. Think exponential and if you have to sweat your *ss off or pull an all-nighter, then do it with a smile dog!


We were the chemistry geeks that shunned soccer for Atari. There, we said it. But this ain’t high school, friends, and there’s no shame in geeking out on the alchemy of alcohol. We wear our beer geek badges with pride. Talk the talk with the best and never feel obliged to dumb your geekdom down for the masses. We’re a global tribe now. Hey mom, check us out!


Without passion, we’re just dead batteries in The Matrix. No thank you sir. In our outspoken world, we refuse to do things half-ass. When it comes to brewing mind-numbingly good beer, we cut no corners. This all-in approach creates for a damn fine atmosphere. Whatever our skin color, sexual preference, nationality or differences of opinion may be, passion keeps us respectful and cool. Passion is our great uniter.


We try not to participate in the everyday doomsday. That’s not who we are. When we brew superlative beer we’re brewing for inspiring people who live in an incredibly cool world. Our humor, our tone of voice, our DNA – we are an optimistic brand who drink from half-full cans (which is to say, not half-empty). When friends come together it’s on us to give their conversations an optimistic twist.