Color Your Can

Color Your Can was a contest where everybody could get creative on a blanco label with only one condition: there had to be an owl on it. The sky was the limit and you guys just went with it.  Thanks to all the participants for their creativity. We were astonished by the level of creativity, professionality and humor of the entries. It gives us so much energy and inspiration. We have seen the craziest pop culture labels and wacky abstract designs. We salute you!

Reaction Gerben Valkema

I really get a kick out of this.

Sometimes I recognize bits of the entries, but often contesters have drawn the owls all by themselves. Really awesome to see that a lot of people use my drawings as a starting point, even though that was not an obligation. I have also seen some drawings which were completely different from my drawings, but that makes it even cooler.’ 

The 2021 winner of the Color Your Can Contest: Raimunda

In the end there could be only one winner and that was Raimunda with her label Harry Porter & The Goblet of Dark (Magic) Beer. 

The design was initially not intended for the Color Your Can contest, but for her sweetheart, her boyfriend. He was (and is) such a huge fan of Harry Potter and Uiltje that she decided to surprise him by combining the Potter-verse with the Uiltje-verse. With her knowledge of design, brushes, and pencils she made an awesome label with a true Valkema-owl. ‘I love to imitate different styles of art.’ Raimunda told us. The Valkema-owl was a nice challenge for her, she thought. 

A few months passed by. ‘I sat at the kitchen table with her boyfriend and his parents. His dad told me about Color Your Can and told me I should partake. So I did.’ She adjusted her old illustration and transformed it into a label and sent it in. And now she has won!

However, Raimunda had fearsome competition with other awesome designs! We have made a selection for you from this year’s competition. Check them out!



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The winner of Color Your Can 2021:

All designs: