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Color Your Can… We Dare You!

Over the years we’ve made no secret we enjoy a good comic strip. Shiiieeet, we’ve used our pens to explore every corner of pop culture. Now we want to pass that honor to you. With our latest stunt – which we’re calling Color Your Can – we’re giving you the opportunity to enjoy 15 minutes of fame. Introducing our Uiltje can… as a blank canvas. Get it right and you can win some pretty nifty prizes.

The ‘rules’ of engagement

1. Download a blank canvas label

Download a blank canvas label here and get working. Most people will use pens, some might even paint, more than a few smart asses out there will drop this file into Photoshop and try to one-up the house. Just remember, ideas and execution can only earn you so many points. Fun counts for a whole lot as well.

We’ll also be sending out blank canvas labels in all our online sales, so maybe order a few beers and save yourself some printer ink. We call that killing two Owls with one stone.

2. Give us your best Owl

This is your chance to draw an Uiltje label. You can draw anything you want, as long as there’s an Owl in the label. Whatever Owl you want, however you like. Need inspiration? Check out our cans. Want more inspiration? Visit a museum, they’d love to have you.

3. Send us your artwork

Take a picture of your creation and send it to use at coloryourcan@uiltjebrewing.com

That’s it, easy-peasy!

The Sweet 16

We expect to receive a lot of these buggers, but ultimately we will select 16 finalists from all the entries. We’ll then post all 16 on our Instagram Stories and let you be the jury. That’s right, one winner, chosen by the people. At the end of the day, only one design can grace the cover of our can. Vote wisely, friends.

What can I win?

We knew you’d ask that question, greedy bastards. No, seriously, you should win something, and everyone does. Design a label and receive 250 Uiltje points, no questions asked.

1st prize: A box of Uiltje beers with your label + XXL Uiltje Goodie Bag

2nd prize: M Goodie Bag

Sweet 16: S Goodie Bag

The Deadline: 21st of August

We’d love for this competition to go on for years, but, well, no. The hard deadline is 11.53pm Central European Time (that’s Dutch time) on [date]. Don’t even try to push the deadline. At 11.54 our email is turned off.

Small Print Stuff

-By submitting your design, you are also granting us permission to post your artwork on our social media channels. If you have serious issues with this, drop us an email so we can have a grown-up discussion about this phobia of yours.

-One entry per person. We want all of you, not pieces of you. Give us one great design, not multitudes of mediocrity please.