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Not all beers can be labeled with a generic style like IPA, Stout, Weizen and so on. Some deserve their own style!

Uiltje's Beers with other styles

Farmhouse ale with Yuzu and Thai Basil
It’s a sophisticated sip with citrusy yuzu, licorice-like Thai...
€ 3.95
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Anarchic ESB with hawkish spikes and multiple piercings...
€ 2.95
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Witbier with Orange Peel and Coriander
Born in a farm barnyard, destined for high trees,...
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Berliner Weis
WATCH OUT! This Cucumber Sour is back by popular...
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Uiltje's Other-Styled-Beers Archive

Grandma's Cooking Recipes Lemon Cheesecake Witbier

5.5%%, Lemon cheesecake witbier

Commisaris Rex

8.5%, German Style Doppelsticke

Ciel Bleu Barleywine

8,0%, Tutti Frutti Barelywine
Uiltje- Cuvee Du Owl- Blik

Cuvee Du Owl

12,5%, Barleywine
Uiltje- Fancy Pants Champagne Slushie- Blik

Fancy Pants - Champagne Slushie

6,5%, Champagne Slushy Brut IPA

Once Upon a Time In Spain

2,7%, Mandarin Sour
Uiltje- Dr. Raptor's Laboratory vol.2- Blik

Dr. Raptors Laboratory Vol.2

10,3%, Quadrupel & Strong ale blend
Uiltje- Wingman- Blik


6%, Watermelon White Beer
Uiltje- The Amazing Strong Owl- Blik

The Amazing Strong Owl

15%, Ice Distilled Strong Ale
Uiltje- Question of Etiquette- Fles

Question Of Etiquette

16,1%, Eisbock Barleywine
Uiltje- Sequence Series 10- Blik

Sequence Series X

11,2%, New Oak Aged Quadrupel
Uiltje- Sequence Series 9- Blik

Sequence Series 9

11.1%, 18% Ice distilled Monster IIIPA runoffs blended with Grandpa’s Caffeine Fix, a 10% Irish Coffee Imperial Milk stout
Uiltje- Sequence Series 8- Fles

Sequence Series 8 Barrel Aged

11,1%, Barrel Aged Imperial Red Ale
Uiltje- Owl You Need Is Love- Blik

Owl You Need Is Love

6,5%, All beers Other
Uiltje- Once Upon A Time In Madagascar- Blik

Once Upon A Time In Madagascar

3,5%, Vanilla Sour
Uiltje- Once Upon A Time In Japan- Blik

Once Upon A Time In Japan

2,8%, Sour Ale with Elderflour & Yuzu
Uiltje- Once Upon A Time In Florida- Blik

Once Upon A Time In Florida

4,0%, Blue Florida Weisse
Uiltje- Oh Buurman, Wat Doet U Nu?- Blik

Oh! Buurman, wat doet u nu?

11,8%, Barleywine
Uiltje- Most Wonderful Time For A Beer- Fles

Most Wonderful Time For A Beer

10%, Scottish Gruit
Uiltje- Monster IIIPA- Blik

Monster IIIPA

18%, Monster IIIPA
Uiltje- Crybaby- Fles

Cry Baby Sour

Dry Hopped Berlinner Weisse
Uiltje- Crybaby Raspberry- Blik

Cry baby Raspberry

2,8%, Raspberry Berliner Sour