More From The Core

With More From The Core, we twist, tweak, poke and play with our core beers and ultimately tweak them into something enticing and new. This is a dungeon where our brew masters refuse to even acknowledge the word ‘no’, much less respond to it. Keep reading

The beers:

Recent beers from this series:

Out of this funky laboratory came our Imperial Pineapple Weizenbock, not to mention our Fancypants Champaign Slushy. Yeah, those kinds of beers. And there’s more! A Bird of Prey grapefruit edition, a Dr. Raptor Oak Aged and a Trackdown Passionfruit Guava…need we go on? Over the years we’ve allowed ourselves to be inspired by milkshakes and taco stands, après ski parties and video games. Every great tech company has a garage story, they say. Well, Uiltje has a More From The Core story. This is our home where the buffalo roam and the deer and the antelope play, get it?