With Big & Bold we try to go where few hop geeks have gone before – into the cellar, namely – to create grand cru barrel-aged stouts, porters and barley wines. Read more

The beers

Imperial Ice Distilled IIIPA
MONSTER = MOBSTER... 19% triple IPA punch!...
€ 9.95
We only have pieces left in stock
Home Smoked Applewood Porter
Yep, we smoked our porter over shaved dried applewood...
€ 3.25
We only have pieces left in stock
No hops, Herb Imperial Stout
€ 4.19
We only have pieces left in stock

Recent beers from this series:

Dr. Raptor Oak Aged

9.3%, Imperial IPA with Oak Chips

Crime De Cassis

7,5%, Brut Cassis IPA

Grandson Vol. 2

10%, Coconut Cream Pie Pastry Stout

Mind your step Moyee cofee edition

14%, Imperial Stout with coffee
Uiltje- Hops Of Hazzard Boss Hogg Edition- Blik

Hops Of Hazzard Boss Hogg Edition

16%, Ice Distilled NEIIPA
Uiltje- Mind Your Step Marshmallow- Blik

Mind Your Step Marshmallow

14,5%, Vanilla Marshmallow Imperial Stout
Uiltje- The Amazing Strong Owl- Blik

The Amazing Strong Owl

15%, Ice Distilled Strong Ale
Uiltje- Mind Your Step Peat Smoked- Blik

Mind Your Step Peat Smoke Edition

14%, Peated Smoked Imperial Stout
Uiltje- Grandson vol.1- Blik

Grandson vol. 1

10%, Flipping Bitches Imperial sweet stout

You know, the type of beer people drive across the country to stand in line for. Beer with all the audacity and complexity of a grand cuvee. Because really, it’s amazing how many flavors you can conjure with a handful of American oak chips or a couple of orange peels and a few coffee beans. Toss those ingredients into a wooden barrel for a year and – voila! – you’ve got some serious magic. We admit, our Big & Bold beers aren’t always for everyone, but then again neither are Pop Tarts or Captain Crunch cereal, but plenty of people munch on those. Besides, how can you resist such serious stouts as our Mind Your Step series and Grandpa’s Caffeine Fix or Grandma’s Cooking Recipes? When you go Big & Bold you know you’re entering the realm of epicurean. This is where foodies go to have a jolly good time. It takes us a long time to age these beers, so we’d appreciate it if you took an equally long time sipping them. Seriously, enjoy! Check out the One-offs we currently have!